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Drag-and-Drop site editors are useful for beginners and experienced users. With their help, you can easily customize page layouts of any WordPress theme. Read More
If you are planning to open a restaurant, you need to take care of financial and inventory accounting and find a way to manage staff. Read More
Search box serves as a tool for keeping visitors on your website. By providing a simple and functional search box, you can your visitors to conduct a search while remaining on your website. Read More
The most common problems about getting traffic on WordPress Site and their solving. Read More
To promote any thematic resource, you need to know the specifics of a particular subject, delve into the sphere and not to paint everyone with the same brush. Read More
In this article you will find a list of the most popular WordPress movie templates containing the above-mentioned and many other features. Read More
Looking for a sleek WordPress design for your consulting business? Check out our compilation of some of the most beautiful themes with pixel perfect corporate design and pick the right one for you. Read More
Earn more while simply writing cool descriptions for your digital products. See how! Read More
Let's go through simple, useful, free tools to get the best keywords for your video. Read More
Do not waste time, and choose the perfect template for your agency today. Here is a list of the best marketing agency WordPress themes for 2018. We have collected only modern, highly-functional, and well-designed themes for an optimum price. Read More
Stay updated with everything that’s going on by reading the latest digital marketing news – a quick Google search should get you there. Read More
In this article, I will examine ordinary websites that belong to the most popular restaurants and cafes in Paris and will compare these to similar TemplateMonster themes. Read More
Looking for your dream WordPress theme for an online store? Check out our fresh collection of the free and paid eCommerce WordPress themes! You will definitely find something suitable! Read More
We have collected the best entertainment WordPress themes in 2018 for you. Here you can choose a theme from the most powerful templates, with a modern design. Do not miss a chance to get one for a better price. Read More
WordPress gives you the freedom to improve the dynamic functionality, efficiently manage the website, and work with no-coding-experience. Read More
Because of the growing popularity of crowdsourcing platforms, it’s become quite hard to choose the one that will entirely satisfy your needs. Read More
We have selected top-30 Office WordPress Templates that represent a variety of functions and characteristics. Read More
In this article the author is going to display an SEO checklist that you should implement before you make your website live. Read More
With the increase of consumers looking to find their needs online, more e-commerce shops are popping up all over the internet. Read More
Medium is less of a social network and more of a free-access farm for high-quality content. How can you be sure that trying Medium is worth it? Read here! Read More
To make your choice easier, we have compared two popular blogging tools like WordPress and Medium, so you will be able to make a reasoned decision. Read More
Get insider tips on the best way to approach pre planning websites whether it’s for you or a client. Learn valuable tactics that save time and cut costs. Read More

Compressing GIF Images Tips

May 14 2018 | Category: Articles, Web Design
In this article, I will give you some tips on reducing the weight of the output GIF file with minimal loss of quality. Read More
Check the best Industrial WordPress templates for 2018. Modern themes with the highest functionality have been collected in one list. Do not lose a chance to get a fantastic theme for a great price. Read More
In this post you can find some overviews of our wedding WordPress themes and get the best one for your dating website Read More
If you are interested in fashion and beauty and want to share your opinions, I present to you top 100 fashion & beauty WordPress themes 2018. Read More
TemplateMonster company wants to present you a new collection of Kids & Children WordPress Themes. All products are gorgeous and perfect to impress the owners and their clients. Read More
Keep reading this article to find out the most effective ways of creating professional business emails. Read More
And what about making your own WordPress video blog? Our experts highly recommend using WP for those purposes. Read More
The set of exceptional WordPress Themes for Financial Advisors to help your business in the best way. Read More
In this article you will find the top-15 WordPress Software Themes that provide advanced functions and flawless instruments for creating the ultimate website. Read More
If you are providing auto repairing, towing, or car cleaning services, or you own a car wash or work with cars or motorcycles, this review will be especially useful for you. We have chosen the best WordPress themes for this category, and we are going to take a closer look at each of them. So, let’s start with top 50 Cars and Motorcycles WordPress Templates in 2018. Read More
Successful SEO Strategy implementation can only be achieved if the developer is aware of certain online marketing pitfalls when deploying Magento. Read More
Internet marketing forums are great places for promotion. A professionally created post can increase your website traffic and help grow and develop your business. Let’s check the best 15 SEO and internet marketing forums to learn and promote. Read More
This guide will teach you how to create your WordPress website without any issues, but let’s start with a little theoretic material. Read More
Top 12 Free Food & Restaurant Templates to get a website, even if you own an online food resource for delivery, is the most reasonable decision. Read More
There are a lot more tips and tricks that you can use to improve your visual content marketing – this is just the beginning. Read More
Let’s go through the main points to which you should be paying attention when choosing one of the WordPress Templates for your website. Read More
In this article we are going to present you with ten awesome Magento themes that can help to start an online e-commerce business. Read More
We decided to present you absolutely new premium WordPress themes that are built with gorgeous Elementor! You’re very welcome to take a look at them! Read More
It happens that it’s not quite obvious how to choose a theme for the popular WordPress website engine. So, here’s a selection of fresh themes for WordPress. Read More
We have come up with our collection of 10 perfect industrial website templates for manufacturing websites. Learn simple rules of industrial web design and pick the best themes! Read More
Top 10 Adobe Muse templates recommended by TemplateMonster CEO. Read More
What makes a good eCommerce website? In this post, we will look at the best examples of WordPress themes with eCommerce functionality aka WooCommerce. Read More
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Top 15 WordPress themes from the digital marketplace, according to TemplateMonster CEO. Read More
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The best web design agencies can make you a creative and meaningful design, but ready-made templates are a worthy and most importantly cheaper alternative. Read More
Today we are going to represent the newest WordPress themes for artists to make your choice a little easier. Read More
We have picked the newest and most popular European Restaurant WordPress Themes which feature most of the different options. Read More
Our specialists recommend buying a well-thought business WP theme. And why should you do it? Now, we’ll explain everything. Read More
50 Best Architecture WordPress Templates for Architect Portfolio, Construction Bureau & Landscape Designers 2018 Read More
In this article we are going to cover top-15 of Exterior Design WordPress Themes Read More
Launch blogs and business sites fast, easy, and at the lower cost with the 30 free WordPress themes. Read More
WordPress is more than just a website builder. So, roll your sleeves and let us learn about some obscure WP features that you probably don’t know about. Read More
Have you ever considered promoting someone else’s products to boost your earnings online? TemplateMonster Affiliate Program gives you such an opportunity. Read More
Ready to explore our top 100 fully responsive WordPress templates for the food & restaurant business? Read More
If you are looking for a template for your site, look through our Photography WordPress Themes. Read More
We offer you the top 25 Transportation WordPress themes for your logistics, transportation, private airline, maritime or moving company website. Read More

Top 10 Salon WordPress Themes

April 26 2018 | Category: Articles, Web Design
In this article I will going to share some of the top salon and spa WordPress themes that will surely give your website an attractive look. Read More
Top themes that would meet your requirements and help to create an extraordinary website to advertise your blog or photo/design studio. Read More
Each of collected good-looking food and drink WordPress themes has its own feature list and boasts a unique design. So, do not miss anything! Read More
Let’s have a look at the some of the must-use Financial WordPress Themes for Banking and cryptocurrency from TemplateMonster. Read More
Expand and grow your business quickly and easily with TemplateMonster! Read More
Money makes the world go around. Even if you are building a WordPress website just for fun, you will eventually think about making some money from it. Read More
For your resume to be noticed and selected by your employer, it should include keywords that correspond to the job you want. Read More
By following new trends in design, you can make mobile applications more effective, friendly, and attractive for users. Read More
Start to think more about the visual image of your brand and try to find new ways to increase the traffic to your Instagram business profile. Read More
Build a smart Instagram content plan for your business profile. Read More
Add the unique visual style to the Instagram profile of your brand while following the major aesthetics principles. Read More
Instagram was the first social platform to copy Snapchat with a slightly updated version of 15-second full-screen Instagram Stories Read More
If you to want to boost your brand, increase sales, lead numerous marketing campaigns and do much more, welcome to Instagram, bud! Read More
The social media marketing solutions mentioned in this article are sure to help you build your brand. Read More
If you are a business owner or the one who wants to start a successful business, here is the list of 40 awesome blogs for entrepreneurs to follow in 2018. Read More
We have provided live demos for each theme for you to check out and see whether they are perfect for your coffee shop. Read More
I suggest you pay attention to YouTube Analytics, which allows you to track the performance of your video channel with up-to-date metrics and reports. Read More
Planning to create a website for your business? Do it quickly with the unique and beautiful business template from TemplateMonster! Read More
Website templates, based on HTML5 and CSS3, are supplied with all required instruments to ease the work of unprofessional users. Read More
If you want to create an annual report that will captivate your readers or listeners, you need to arrange information in a clear and pleasant to the eyes manner. You can easily do it with one of these beautiful templates. Read More
The good news is that it is still possible to successfully manage your website traffic and not become overwhelmed. TemplateMonster has a unique collection of free resources to help you do that. Read More
Not everyone is lucky to have invented a unique product, but a competitive analysis will help you break into a new business space. Read More
I have a small checklist that will help you understand whether your business needs to be present on LinkedIn. Read More
Successful marketing campaign is what encourages people to not only open such email but also click buttons like, “Buy” “Subscribe” “Like” and more. Read More
As you can edit your photos manually, you also can implement actions to your pictures. They’re like filters or, already settled adjustments, which you can use at once. They are quite useful and save the time so we have here a hundred of beautiful Photoshop actions. Check them out. Read More
Just follow this guide, and you will learn how to build your website brick by brick without paying a single dollar. Read More
Why is WP Bakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) for WordPress so popular? Is it possible to add extra functionality using unique extensions? Learn about the best Visual Composer add-ons in 2017! Read More
If you are to create a significant content on your social network page or blog, we recommend going ahead with the dedicated writing apps. Read More
A trademark is a sign, design, or expression which identifies products, establishes a brand name. It’s used to contrast particular goods or services over others. Read More
As soon as you earn $100, you can withdraw the earnings with the help of Affiliate Program. How? Let’s find this out in this post. Read More
Let’s first help you gain a better understanding of what it takes to build an ultimate WordPress hotel/property rental website. Read More
If you want to tap into the world of online romance and more control over your ads, think about placing your them, directly on dating websites. Read More
I’ve highlighted the main points about Quora and you’ll know how to use Quora to build a stronger brand for your business. Read More
You have only 15 seconds to grab your visitors’ attention. This time is enough for visitors to a website to decide whether they prefer to stay or leave it. Read More
It’s one of the most commonly asked questions in e-commerce: which is better - Shopify or WordPress? Or to put it more accurately - Shopify or WooCommerce? Read More
Before jumping to the five reasons why WordPress sucks for serious entrepreneurs, let’s first look at why WordPress.com works for some people. Read More
Create visually stunning Instagram pages in minutes with the help of free Instagram mockups. Read More
Are you the maker of a digital products? Go find out which marketplace fits your needs the most. Read More
I will share my top learnings from a decade of selling on eBay to help you avoid the mistakes I made and build a successful eBay sales channel quickly. Read More
We asked Rand for a brief interview and he kindly agreed, so we could ask a couple questions about his new project, his book, what he thinks of contemporary online marketing and which tools and resources he can advise. Enjoy! Read More