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WordPress, like any other content management system, susceptible to hacker attacks. Especially if you have an ordinary free WordPress theme. Read More
In this article we can take a closer look at how you can translate WordPress theme into the languages other than English. Read More
Pick out our WordPress themes for your online resources and get more than just a premium quality designs, get the way to make your business profitable. Read More
The most comprehensive knowledge flying around the internet says: RGB is always for web, CMYK - for printed materials, but let’s take a more detailed look! Read More
If you want to create an annual report that will captivate your readers or listeners, you need to arrange information in a clear and pleasant to the eyes manner. You can easily do it with one of these beautiful templates. Read More
You are running one large project and understand that you are in need of partner? Here you will find some short tips to ongoing and safe collaboration. Read More
Remember that the most important thing in calligraphy and in many other arts is practice which will improve your mastery in geometric progression. Read More
If you are to create a significant content on your social network page or blog, we recommend going ahead with the dedicated writing apps. Read More

11 Crazy Must-Have Fonts

January 17 2018 | Category: Articles, Web Design
In this article you will find a list of fonts which will help you choose the wildest font out there! Read More
You can learn the basics of development and design with the help of online courses which are useful for both absolute newbies and experienced users Read More
Internet opens up new resources before us. Now you can use online platforms for your Wordpress blog to store your daily notes and update them Read More
Adobe Illustrator, where you spend most of your working hours, offers a bunch of text effects that can be applied to some of your design projects. Read More
Fonts play a huge role in the design of the website. The same text, written using different fonts, can produce the directly opposite impressions Read More
Excellent typography is something that makes amateur designer a professional, because it draws client’s attention and distinguishes among others. Read More
If your business logo is based on typography find a master graphic designer who knows how to add a unique look to an ordinary logotype. Read More
Brushes are essential for any online illustrator with a working palette in Photoshop. There are many websites which provide the brushes you wish to select. Read More
Adobe Photoshop filters and plugins are great time-savers and customization of your Photoshop experience, which improve the overall workflow. Read More

How To Design Coloring Mandalas

January 15 2018 | Category: Articles, Web Design
Mandalas may be drawn using either geometric or natural forms and explain the connection between the inner world of the person and the external reality. Read More
Check out the manual on how to create a compelling company annual report. Read More
To avoid a headache from manually working with all the font files and to use them correctly, there are many free and paid font managers. Read More
Use Squeeze And Landing Page Templates and you will see how easy it is to build up a friendly relationship with your audience. Read More
In this article we are going to present you with ten awesome Magento themes that can help to start an online e-commerce business. Read More
Instagram is an undeniable force for regular users and business, you will know how to grow your Instagram account naturally and organically. Read More
To generate conversions, you may specify on your landing page why your tool is better than others’ and how they may benefit from its feature. Read More

Combining Comic Sans With Papyrus

January 15 2018 | Category: Articles, Web Design
You will know why using these Comic Sans and Papyrus fonts creates such a toxic environment and always remember the crazy history behind them. Read More
See the top 6 reasons why TemplateMonster is the best place to sell digital products. Read More
Adobe Illustrator is a standard vector drawing app which allows developers to create any graphic size from an icon to billboards. Read More
Photoshop Actions are a series of shortcuts that can help you recreate a particular editing style for a photoshop project. Read More
Each SEO expert’s task is to help Google with the process of crawling your site. And what is the best way for the search engine to do that? Read More
Adding WordPress widgets to your WordPress website to gain some valuable functions, receive more potential and functionality. Read More
Have you ever thought that there is always a limit to what can be adjusted in powerpoint presentation when trying to make it distinctive and fascinating? Read More
Brochure is a folded piece of paper which outlines the information in a partitioned digestible way to promote a specific brand, service or product. Read More
Lifestyle bloggers need their page to speak more about their interests, fashion inspirations, food and fitness choices than life stories. Read More
After conducting a careful search, we found several lists of sketchbook themes along with a drawing ideas generator, so these will make your preparation process easier. Read More

Top 5 Best Collage Maker Software

January 09 2018 | Category: Articles, Web Design
We offer you a list of the top 5 best photo collage makers that will always be ready to help you with your online endeavors! Read More

Best Resources With Vector Art

January 09 2018 | Category: Articles, Web Design
Vector art file is a type of graphics file that uses mathematical algorithms to become scalable. People started to use vector-based graphics years ago. Read More
To avoid SEO mistakes begin the search engine optimization of your website at the right time and hire your search engine optimization expert Read More
Every business must have a USP established to make headway in the market. If you don’t know what that acronym means, we’ll explain it in more detail. Read More
Once you have hired an SEO specialist for your site, ensure that he or she sits with the web designer to create a winning business website. Read More
In this article there is a roundup of 10 top SEO tools for MAC OS that help in boosting and maintaining any site’s ranking and traffic. Read More
Don’t miss out on your most lucrative season by failing to implement valuable tools and right marketing that can help drive massive surges in sales. Read More
In this article, we will show you eight tips that can increase email campaign effectiveness up to 35%. Read More
Responsive design is the best way to accommodate users of the diverse range of devices we can now expect to visit our sites. Read More
WordPress manages to be infinitely flexible while at the same time being relatively easy to use, so it’s still the best choice for the majority of bloggers. Read More
You will be able to create an organizational chart for the website, possess new skills and now know what WordPress uses for a regular website Read More
In this article author is going to showcase an SEO checklist that should be implemented by you before you make your website live. Read More
In this article you will find useful tools and tutorials will be a great help for you to get started with Adobe Photoshop. Read More
If you are a blogger, your brand is your primary weapon. The best way to promote it is to be authentic and respectful of your reader community. Read More
That's how you start from the bottom (we didn't steal it from Drake, no.) Read More
If you want to gain a master level in photography like Rubens or Da Vinci do in art, do not let the rule of thirds guide your composition. Read More
MailChimp and AWeber are two of the most popular email marketing providers. Either product appropriately used will help to increase your email databank. Read More

Why are Facebook Ads so Popular?

December 25 2017 | Category: Articles, Social Media
While there are dozens of social media platforms, Facebook is one of the largest and most popular digital advertising platforms out there. Read More
Approaching 2018 and implementing video as a cornerstone of your marketing efforts will ensure success with better conversion. Read More
Converting traffic should be the primary goal of your website and no matter what call-to-action you are trying to garner, use the right approach Read More
If you haven’t already mobile marketing then you’re falling behind the sector, and it is crucial for future success that you take your efforts mobile in 2018. Read More
Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the digital world, which has potential to increase the ROI (Return on Investment) about 300%. Read More
This article will be useful for you even if you already have an online store using the e-commerce platform and have something to tell about your experience Read More
While WordPress web design business is the best forms of solopreneur business, maintaining a steady flow of paying clients is easier said than done. Read More
This article will go over five of the most-impactful website add-ons to get way more out of your traffic with a few simple additions Read More
See a dozen of newest, fully responsive Christmas email templates with the festive design. Within minutes, you can easily customize them. Read More
eCommerce store is the ultimate key to rank higher in search engine results as well as to convert occasional visitors into loyal customers Read More
For optimization and increasing your revenue (RPM), we're going to learn how to optimize for higher click-through rates and improving your site popularity Read More
We have conducted some research and gathered together some top-notch Christmas design ideas that will take your clients’ breathe away. Read More
Holiday season with its holiday sales and deals is a perfect time to benefit from the sales and to sell more than you usually do each month. Read More
You will learn about how to use SEO strategies for business website with some valuable tips so that you can do maximum business during the holiday season. Read More
Let’s go through the main points to which you should be paying attention when choosing one of the WordPress Templates for your website. Read More
Building organic SEO traffic that leaves feedback, share your content, and often returns to your site is every website owner’s ultimate dream Read More
Website administrator needs to strive and maintain a top-quality approach consistently with in-depth strategies' knowledge to optimize SEO . Read More
Confusing website design with user experience design is wrong and has become a major pitfall to which many websites designers are prone. Read More
Are you a new startup? It’s not an easy job. Every startup wants to become a sensation from nowhere. Find some tips on how to market your online startup. Read More
Build links, and optimize pages so that Google can locate, acknowledge and trust them to attract more organic traffic to your site. Read More
The main goal of CDN service is to reduce loading time and improve websites performance. Read More
There are different blogging platforms and to choose a specific one is quite difficult initially. How do you know which one is the right one? Read More
There are many technical issues to handle on your site. Here’s a full checklist of what you’ll get with WordPress customer support services. Read More
If you are an owner of a restaurant, you should know that the menu is your ‘business card’ which creates the first impression made upon your guests. Read More

The Complete SEO Guide For 2018

December 14 2017 | Category: Articles, SEO
Here is your guide for the next year SEO-optimization journey! Read More
These hand-drawn Freepik vector elements, specially designed for Christmas and the winter holiday season, have a traditional mood Read More