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bgSlider allows to apply the gallery as a website background. It’s quite similar to jbGallery script, but not such complex.


We should include jQuery framework and bgSlider.js by pointing src attribute in the script tag to those .js files:

Below is the initialization script:


In the $() part we specify an array with the path to image files, and in the bgSlider({}) part – gallery options. Here’s the list of supported options:

interval: time delay in milliseconds between each slide
speed: animation time
pags: controls to switch between slides. Specify path to anchors .pags li a.


The HTML code will look like this then:


Note, that each element should have a rel=”” attribute with the number of a slide.

slideshow: true or false for slideshow option
preload: true or false for preloading images (recommended)
current: specify the rel=”” number of the image which should be displayed as default one


You can find script related stylesheet in the style.css file.