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This section deals with installing PHP-Nuke themes. Many useful tips are included.  Please use the navigation buttons below or main navigation menu to browser through the topics.

Installing a PHP-Nuke Theme…

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The “PHP-Nuke” theme is simply a skin for PHP-Nuke. It changes the view of the header, footer, side blocks and central blocks, where your news is located. You can never get an appearance similar to the previews, except in the case when the Photoshop design was especially created for PHP-Nuke. It’s this way because PHP-Nuke has its own design and …

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Q: I bought a PHP Nuke theme which has a web mail icon at the top. I loaded this entire theme onto my site but when I click “web mail”, it gives me an error “Sorry….such file doesn’t exist”. It appears that it is trying to find the file: “http://www.my_domain.com/modules.php?name=Webmail”. How can I set this option up …

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PHP-Nuke is a content management system (CMS) based on the scripting language PHP. The main advantage of PHP-Nuke is flexibility and simplicity in its use and configuration. It may be used even by those who are not familiar with programming. Standard PHP-Nuke packages include a forum, guestbook, newsletter, surveys, and more. It also contains a user-friendly admin interface. PHP-Nuke is …

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