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Efficiently Run an E-mail Marketing Campaign on WordPress

Before starting to employ a unique email marketing campaign, it is crucial to determine the key benefits of this utility. This utility serves some essential yet effective ways to promote your brand and enhance brand experience among your competition. Every one of us at least receives 4-8 automated emails daily from several websites, subscriptions, online, stores, and other businesses that we may or may not have used before. Multiple companies and business teams use a series of emails to advertise various products, communicate with the current and probable audience, and persuade the audience to get involved with the respective company.

It’s common for the general audience to just ignore sturdy yet annoying email without even opening them. Therefore, a successful marketing campaign is what encourages people to not only open such email but also click buttons like, “Buy” “Subscribe” “Like” and more.

Follow us through this post and learn more about how to run an efficient email marketing campaign for your business.

Main Purpose


No matter if it’s a personal blog, a marketing store, an eCommerce store, or a business website, the first step to consider is what you’re up to. Once you know your goals, you will be:

  • Attracting new customers by advertising new and relevant products.
  • Keep existing customers involved by giving them what they value.

Know your Audience


Well, knowing your targeted audience is the second most crucial step in this scenario. You can only entice people if you’re aware of their interests. Use various utilities like Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to analyze your audience’s behavior where you will be able to track.

  • Gender (e.g., if 79% of your subscribers are women there is a high chance they won’t be attracted to hi-tech devices and their specifications).
  • Age: It is essential to understand that the needs of youth and adults are entirely different and hence should be considered.
  • Interests: Similarly, knowing what the multiple interests of your audience are increases the likelihood of their fascination with your product.

Select Email Types

Select the unique yet appropriate email type or style according to your website. One of which is very common, i.e. promotional emails. They promote products by giving different offers, introducing new sales, etc. Another type is relational email which covers emails like newsletters, useful information about what’s happening in the world or discoveries, a weekly gift, etc.

Knowing the email types is yet a significant factor to consider. Besides, owning the best web hosting plan is another factor that affects your marketing campaigns.

Intelligent Use of Technology


A successful email marketing campaign requires some of the best premium tools. Choose a plugin with following features

  • Fit in with your used software like WordPress.
  • Should be able to create campaign easily.
  • Able to analyze the performance of an email campaign.

People looking forward to starting a blog must keep track of such tactics to grow and provide efficient UX.

Plan accordingly

Setting the best yet effective goals for your website requires you to set basic tools, convert the design into WordPress, pick the web host, install Plugins, figure out the audience segment and then marketing. Make sure to consider the following things when setting main preferences.

Once you are ready, make sure to consider the following things when setting main preferences of your email marketing campaign:

  • How often will you send the email? Once a week? Twice a week?
  • A fun way to describe your services.
  • Choose your type of email.
  • Analyze the emails according to your audience’s perspective.

Make sure you don’t overwhelm your audience by sending a periodic email and forcing them to ignore your email. Make a schedule about sending the email and stick to it. Don’t be afraid to take reviews from your audience by a survey or a pool. This is a great way to let people know that they care and that their opinions are important to you. Also, it gives you an idea about which areas require improvements.

Suitable Subject Line

It’s no surprise that the subject of a thing usually attracts people. Be it a title of the book or a movie or a subject of an email. You can get a suitable subject by:

  • Not using spam triggering words.
  • Don’t exaggerate your promotion. If your email doesn’t fulfill the anticipation of your promotion, product, or service, it makes people disappointed, and they are likely to avoid reading your email next time.
  • Use personalization.

Using Email Marketing WordPress Plugins

As we discussed above step by step all the things you require for a successful email marketing campaign, we still haven’t discussed the most important one: The plugins. It is a common misconception that you should have a lot of money to benefit from email marketing campaign. The truth is you can implement this campaign by many free WordPress plugins. 3 of which we will discuss here:

wordpress plugins

1. MailChimp for WordPress

Almost 80% of effective email marketing tools use MailChimp to deliver promotional messages to their customers. You’re just a few clicks behind in connecting the Mailchimp plugin to your WordPress site. MailChimp can:

  • Create efficient forms for website subscriptions, sign up, and more.
  • Set-up automated emails.
  • Redirect thank you page automatically.

In case you haven’t selected a WordPress plugin for your WordPress website, MailChimp is the way to go.

2. SumoMe List Builder

SumoMe is considered as the best tool for converting the general audience into your returning customers. SumoMe’s provides a definite lightbox to engage site visitors efficiently by asking their contact information, i.e. email address before they close the site. It is a free tool that also provides the facility to promote your website content using various social media platforms, YouTube channel, and heat maps while you can track all the insights and important information using Google Analytics.

3. SendinBlue Subscribe Form and WP SMTP

If you’re already employing various email marketing strategies to your business, you might have come across this fantastic plugin by SendinBlue. The good thing is this tool is free to use if you already have an account with SendinBlue. Just log in to your SendinBlue account, and you’re ready to connect this email marketing plugin to the WordPress site.

Furthermore, SendinBlue provides free membership to users who spend less than 9,000 emails a month; therefore, it is essential for people who have a small blog, business website, or online store.

wordpress themes

Wrapping up

If you follow the above steps, use the mentioned WordPress plugins, have excellent marketing skills, and you know your product and your audience well, then there is nothing to stop you from having a successful marketing email campaign.


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