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Loaded Commerce News and Updates

This page will show you the most recent Loaded Commerce templates updates and Loaded Commerce solution news.

Loaded Commerce Templates News and Updates

Loaded Commerce News and Updates

Coupon end year issue

3 December 2018, 2:50 pm
Coupon end date year is 2018, which does not show 2019. Issue found in admin/includes/add_ccgvdc_application_top.php Buggy code; for ($i=2001;$i<2019;$i++){ $date_selector .= ‘<option value=”‘ . $i . ‘”‘; if ($i==$year) $date_selector .= ‘selected’; $date_selector .= ‘>’ . $i . ‘</option>’; } Fixed code; for ($i=date(“Y”);$i<date(“Y”)+2;$i++){ $date_selector .= ‘<option value=”‘ . $i . ‘”‘; if ($i==$year) $date_selector .= ‘selected’; $date_selector .= ‘>’ . $i . ‘</option>’; }

Loaded 6.6 Beta released

8 September 2018, 11:29 am
After a few years of trying different things we have returned to our roots and our popular high performance code base and have started improvement to modernize it and make it the foundation for tomorrows ecommerce needs. I am very happy to announce that Loaded Commerce 6.6 CE Beta is available for download and community review. Download it here: https://store.loadedcommerce.com/loaded-commerce-ce-rc2-file-290.html Submit issues here: https://gitlab.com/Loaded-commerce/Loaded6/ Oh, we moved from github to gitlab so we can take advantage of the release tools it provides. 6.6 Pro and B2B are finalizing development and will release those betas next. Here are some before and after screen shots: And here are the catalog improvement for mobile:

Loaded 7.5 Demo Released

11 May 2017, 11:17 pm
We are proud to reveal our work for the next major release of Loaded 7. Loaded 7.5 is a complete overhaul of the code base with a focus on speed, stability and features. Loaded Commerce has partnered with Holbi UK to create a new company and a Loaded Commerce product. Together we have formed Global Ecommerce Solutions, LTD, and we will be launching the new Loaded 7.5 product in the weeks to come. We release the browseable demo today and invite our community to take a look and provide feedback. We want to get feedback as soon as possible so we can incorporate it into our release. Loaded 7.5 will come in free Community Edition and paid Pro and B2B edition. There will be no pre-orders for 7.5 Pro and B2B. You will be able to purchase Pro once it is available. Which should be June. 7.5 B2B will follow in July/August. You can view the demo here: http://demos.loadedcommerce.com/loaded7/ Holbi has been developing sites on their internal fork of Loaded Commerce for over a decade. Now we come together to help you build your ecommerce site of your dreams. Here are a few live sites using Loaded 7.5 code: LASERJET PRINTER FACTORY SHOP http://www.laserjet.co.uk UK WRISTBANDS LTD http://www.ukwristbands.com DRIVESWAREHOUSE http://www.driveswarehouse.com Discuss this upcoming release on our community forums: http://www.loadedcommerce.com/community/forums/topic/loaded-7-5-demo-released/

All New Product Attributes

8 August 2016, 5:20 pm
Product Attributes page is completely redesigned for easy of use. New design uses data-tables for easy search and pagination. Modals for add / edit. You can download it from Github.com/loadedcommerce/Loaded6CE/tree/#109 Here are few screenshots of Product Attribute updates.
Ladies and gentlemen. We have a download ready for you for the Community Edition of 6.5.3 MR. The MR stands for Mobile Responsive. You can read the forum post and find the link to download here: Beta download for 6.5.3 MR here Please note, 6.5.3 is a radical change in the template engine to go tableless in the HTML and allow a mobile responsive front end. There is also a new admin template to bring 6.5 into the new decade. 6.5.3 and future releases will not work with existing templates. but the new template engine is easy to customize and make beautiful responsive sites with. So take a look and drop us a line with your feedback today. Do not use on live stores, please only development environments.
There is now a fully mobile responsive template for 6.x sites! No upgrade is required! This google compliant mobile responsive offering is designed to allow you to convert your existing branding and design (template) to the new mobile responsive layout. The conversion will be done on a development site so that you can test the template before going live. To do this we have set it up as a project and not a product. The service is provided by our parent company The Reactor Works. The 6.x template is based on the Loaded 7 template and utilizes the latest and greatest bootstrap, html 5 and css technology. Screenshot of 6.x with mobile template. It is a 6.x template but does require some core code changes. These changes are only template related and do not effect any feature or admin code. This is a template only enhancement and all your 6.x features will remain in tact. You will gain the mobile friendliness of Loaded 7 while keeping all the features of your 6.x site. There is no change to your licensing with this service. Click here to request a quote for your 6.x site.

Release – Critical Fixes

9 September 2015, 5:55 pm
We are proud to announce this latest release which addresses a recent bug that affected customer and admin logins. Get the most recent edition of Loaded New Enhancements: Added Product Sort manager, sort by price, weight, date, or custom sort value SMTP Mail Abstraction, allows you to send mail from another server, good for dealing with IP reputation issues. New HTML Content info boxes with multi language definition support JQuery Slider content block for home page using existing banner manager back end Added pagination to search results page Upgrader Enhancements: Split convert functions into batches to handle large databases Added Support for Product Sort data and settings Added Support for Feature products Major Bug Fixes: Catalog customer login not working Admin login not working Adding to cart not working in some cases Adding images with UPPER case file extensions not working Product Options not saving Product Options not adding to cart SEO URL issue with &&add_to_cart action   We worked with customers both live and in development to address stability in this release. We encourage all Loaded 7 users to update to this version today. You can see the full change log for and here http://loadedcommerce.github.io/loaded7/  
I want to take a moment and talk about recent events at Loaded Commerce from the end of 2014 to now – the spring of 2015. Loaded Commerce is a start up that relied on investor money, we had seed money and were looking for either angel money or small VC investment. We were unable to acquire additional investment at the terms we liked so we decided to scale back some marketing and non essential operations to what our natural cashflow could sustain. You will notice a new website that is more streamlined and less distracting. We recently release our first update for 2015, 7.003.3 (complete with two hotfixes to boot). It addresses several issues, and we are working on another with more bug fixes including a critical for those using simple options (aka attributes). We have 7.003.4 in QA now. Our plans are to bring Loaded 7 up to feature parity of Loaded 6 within 6 months. However we are building features in based on two methods of prioritization: 1. Paid projects for specific features 2. Largest impact to the user base. So here is what we are working now: 1. Upgrader improvement to handle larger databases (chunks the processing so it does not time out) 2. PRO: product minimum order QTY 3. PRO: product order increments 4. CORE: UPS XML with product dimensions 5. CORE: USPS with handling fees per rates 6. PRO: Local Store Fronts (start of multi store – different lang/currency per parked domain) 7. PRO: Bundled Products (like product kits, and buy 1 get X free) 8. PRO: Out of Stock and Discontinued product 9. PRO: Store Credit for customers There are more features coming. But we want to focus on getting these updates out to you then we can talk about what is next. Thanks for using Loaded and for your support. Released

8 April 2015, 9:21 pm
We are very happy to announce our next release for core It includes several bug fixes and a few enhancements. We are working on a feature release now and should have it out in the next month. For now we have been focusing on getting customers live and fixing critical issues. the change log is here: http://loadedcommerce.github.io/loaded7/ but here are the contents of this release. Which included a hotfix for a few issues we found during the release test. Version – released 08-Apr-2015 [B091] Corrected api health check logic causing false positives. [B092] Updated api calls to include HTTP request type which resolves the cURL versus cURLSSL issue. [B551] Disabled modules cache for the time being as it is causing intermittent issues. Version – released 06-Apr-2015 [B544] Repaired reviews issue using Pro or B2B. [B542] Repaired product / category create / update issue bug. [B541] Repaired pressing enter on the login page does not submit bug. [B540] Repaired backup tool not excluding images bug. [B539] Repaired guest cart does not merge with customer cart on login bug. [B538] Repaired category on home page – ignores display settings bug. [B537] Repaired Branding Manager loses all data when special chars are used in the inputs bug. [B535] Repaired admin product edit – Pro sub product fail to save bug. [B534] Repaired information page permalinks missing data, wont save bug. [B533] Repaired contact us form submit confirmation message. [B532] Repaired need help link in the admin goes to the wrong template on Kayako. [B531] Repaired admin right navigation menu loses position. [B530] Repaired admin search not working properly. [B529] Repaired cannot edit template modules layout – content. [B528] Repaired deleting products does not remove them from featured products. [B527] Repaired margin reports message. [B526] Repaired export / import manufacturer data missing bug. [B525] Repaired category pages sort – drag and drop is buggy bug. [B524] Repaired category pages sort – need to edit sort value bug. [B523] Repaired new products content module breaks cache. [B522] Repaired blank checkout success page bug. [B521] Repaired end date not saving correctly bug. We also have a new issue tracker on our github, instead of using the wordpress plugin in our forums. Please post any issues here https://github.com/loadedcommerce/loaded7/issues
In 7.002.5 we introduced the new Product Categories Side Box. It is an improvement over the previous box. And it has some configuration settings. Only shows one level of categories at start Expands to show children of current category Has CSS class for current path of categories Configurable to start a designated parent category Configurable to product counts and levels of expanding Here you see the module installed with edit modal showing. I searched for “pro” to locate the module quickly. It is isntalled by default on new installations. If it is not installed yet on your site, click Install to do so. To get to the above configuration area go to Admin -> Settings -> Setup  -> Template Modules Common issue: be sure to configure the correct starting point for the product box. It is set to category Id 1, the Products category in our sample data. If you delete this category and make a new one, then be sure to edit the configuration to use TOP or the category you desire.