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Drop down menu module "mod_superfishmenu"

"Superfish is an enhanced Suckerfish-style menu jQuery plugin that takes an existing pure CSS drop-down menu (so it degrades gracefully without JavaScript) and adds many features." The module is combination of Suckerfish-style menu and the Joomla menu module. As a result we have a module that allows to easily create and manipulate dropdown menus. Comes with many configuration options such as shadows, arrows, vertical menu, horizontal menu, navbar menu, iframe for IE6 use, fade in, slide in, fade and slide in, opacity, intelligent mouseover handling, and more.

If the template you ordered contains themod_superfishmenu module it can be found in the templete sources folder, search for the mod_superfishmenu.zip file.

If the module is not included into the template you can download it from extensions.joomla.org



There are 2 ways to install the mod_superfishmenu module.

1. Installation through Joomla admin panel

  • Open Joomla admin panel
  • go to Extensions>Install/Uninstall
  • in the Upload Package File block click Browse and select your mod_superfishmenu.zip file and click Upload File and Install

If the installation has been completed correctly the Superfish Menu module will be available through the Extensions>Modules Manager


2. Manual installation

In case you have some issues with the installation through Joomla admin panel feel free to install the module manually using the following procedure:

  • extract the files from the mod_superfishmenu.zip archive to your computer
  • make sure the folder with the module files is called mod_superfishmenu (without any numbers)
  • upload mod_superfishmenu folder to the modules directory of your Joomla installation.
  • move the en-GB.mod_superfishmenu from the mod_superfishmenu folder to the language\en-GB directory of your Joomla instalation.
  • Open Joomla admin panel, go to Extensions>Modules manager and click New button. TheSuperfish Menu should be available in the list.



The Superfish Menu configuration screen looks like the following:

If you want to have more information on the module configuration please refer to the mod_superfishmenu manual.



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