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Drupal 7.x. How to add Portfolio category and display specific items on a page

This tutorial shows how to add a Portfolio category and display specific items on a page.

Drupal 7.x. How to add Portfolio category and display specific items on a page

  1. Open the admin section and go to Structure -> Taxonomy. Select list terms in the Portfolio categories section (your template may have a different taxonomy name).

    How_to_add_Portfolio_category_and_display_specifi_ items_on_a_page-1

  2. Click on Add term and specify Portfolio category name (in Drupal, Category is called Taxonomy). Save the changes.

    How_to_add_Portfolio_category_and_display_specifi_ items_on_a_page-2

  3. Edit portfolio view:

    How_to_add_Portfolio_category_and_display_specifi_ items_on_a_page-3

  4. Add a new page and copy its settings from the existing page. Specify the page name. Open one of the sample pages and copy the settings from there. Be sure to select "For this page only (override option)." In this case, the settings will be applied to one page only. You should do that for all the settings.

    How_to_add_Portfolio_category_and_display_specifi_ items_on_a_page-4

  5. In Filter options, click on Content: Has taxonomy term (add this Filter criteria if it is not available by default). Specify category name. Be sure to select "For this page only" option. Save the settings.

    How_to_add_Portfolio_category_and_display_specifi_ items_on_a_page-5

  6. Add path and assign the page to menu (in case you need to add it to a particular menu).

    How_to_add_Portfolio_category_and_display_specifi_ items_on_a_page-6

  7. Remove filters in case you need to assign a particular category to the page. Filter shows all categories only and sorts items for all categories only.

    How_to_add_Portfolio_category_and_display_specifi_ items_on_a_page-7

  8. Assign portfolio posts to a new category or add new posts to it. The type of posts should be Portfolio content.

    How_to_add_Portfolio_category_and_display_specifi_ items_on_a_page-8

  9. We have added a new category. Now specific portfolio posts appear on a separate page. Please note that you should assign a specific category to each page. Otherwise, all categories will appear by default.

    How_to_add_Portfolio_category_and_display_specifi_ items_on_a_page-9

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Drupal 7.x. How to add Portfolio category and display specific items on a page