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Drupal. How to add Google Map

This tutorial shows how to add Google Map to Drupal based website. Google Map can be added to Drupal using the GMap module.

Install GMap module

1. Visit the official website at http://drupal.org/project/gmap and download the tar.gz package for your version of Drupal.

It contains:

  • GMap: provides the GMap API, integration with Views and Location, and GMap macros.
  • GMap Location: Provides a map of all a site’s nodes and a map of all of the site users.
  • GMap Taxonomy: Allows you to display different map markers based on taxonomy of a specific node.
  • GMap Macro Builder: Provides a GUI for building “macros” (a text-based way of describing arbitrary GMaps).

2. Login to Drupal as administrator and go to Modules section.

3. Above the modules table click Install New Module button.

4. Using the Upload a module or theme archive to install option Upload and Install the downloaded tar.gz package

5. When the installation is complete you’ll be able to add and configure the google map block.

Please don’t forget to input the Google Map API into the module configuration. Get Google Maps API

  • Open Modules page
  • Locate GMap module in the modules table (Location section)
  • Click Configure button and input the API Key
  • Click Save button at the bottom of the page


Add Google Map Block

1. Log in to Drupal as administrator

2. Go to Structure > Blocks

3. Above the blocks table click Add block button

4. Input block Title.

5. In the Text Format field select GMap and click Create a macro link

6. At the appeared screen Configure the map. Learn More

7. Copy the Macro code and paste it into the Block body field.

8. Define what pages the block will be available at.

8. Save block.

Now at the blocks listing page you can put the block to the required position.