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Drupal. How to manage Social Share module

This tutorial shows how to manage Social Share module in Drupal.

1. Go to Admin section->Configuration.
Under Content Authoring section you should open Social Share

2. You can select type of node in which Social Share module will appear.

3. You can set Display in teaser view, open Links in new window and make links available as a block

4. In Enabled share links you can enable or disable particular social links.

6. We have unchecked several social links and saved configuration after modifications.

Result you can check below:

7. In order to change icons for Social Share module you should open sites\all\themes\themeXXX\images\social folder and replace original icons with your icons.

In this tutorial we have found out how to manage Social Share module.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Drupal. How to manage Social Share module