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Drupal. Setting up newsletter

Working with Drupal templates you may have notiсed the Newsletter box placed in the footer. The newsletter box is used to subscribe for the website updates and receive the updates emails to your mailbox. Let’s see how to configure this box.

1. First of all login to your Drupal admin panel. This can be done using the login form or user link. You can also type ?q=user after the domain name in the browser address bar.

2. When you are logged in you should see the admin menubar at the top of the page. Click Configuration button from the top menu.

3. When you are at the Configuration page search for the Simplenews block.

Each link in this block leads to some Newsletter configuration settings:

  • you can configure confirmation email’s template or even create confirmation page
  • set the number of newsletters sent per single cron run
  • select newsletter format

4. To create newsletters go to Content in the top menu

5. Click Add Content button at the top of the page.

6. From the content type list select Simplenews newsletter. You can create a newsletter content same as any other blog post.

When the newsletter creation is complete click the Save button at the bottom of the page. The subscribed users will receive an email with the newsletter content.
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