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(English) WordPress. How to install a theme via admin panel

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(English) WordPress. How to install a theme via admin panel, 1.7 out of 5 based on 25 ratings
  • Mei93h

    How do you ‘archive’ a theme? I’m having trouble browsing my theme that I downloaded.

    • Anónimo

      In order to archive a theme you need to have WinZip software installed. Open the template package, open the theme### folder, right click on it and Select Winzip>Add To
      The upload the package into your admin panel.

  • Anónimo

    We regret that you are having difficulties with the template installation. All templates offered by our company can be easily installed through the WordPress admin panel.

  • Bethknight1234

    The tutorial video is all for PCs. I’m using WinZip MAC edition to zip the files, but WordPress won’t take them. What should I do?

    • Anónimo

      Please make sure you are trying to install .ZIP archive. It should work file on both MAC or PC

  • Anónimo

    If you have issues with extracting files on MAC you can check the following video tutorial: