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How to Get a Domain Name?

Let’s take the hosting site as an example.

When you click the link, you will see a notification, offering a domain name to everyone for free. Type the name of your future website to the bar and click “Check Availability” button.

domain name

The system will checks if a name you have chosen is available (there could be a person that wanted that name too.)

Then look at the offered domain names and select the one you like the most. It could be either paid or free. I am choosing the free one.

domain name
 domain name
 domain name

Chosen domain name goes to the shopping cart. The customer can choose what time he will need this domain name for free use. I am choosing maximum, 12 months and then press “Continue”.

 domain name

You are asked to verify your e-mail address, so type it there.

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Then go to your e-mail box and click the link you have been sent.

 domain name

If you’re a real person and have typed your real e-mail there, you need to fill in your personal details there. Type your name, city, country, and password, then hit “Complete Order” button.

 domain name

Congratulations, now you have a domain name!

 domain name

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