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TemplateMonster Social Stock Summary 2017: Results and Expectations for 2018

If someone said you could get a MacBook Pro or a new Tesla as a giveaway prize, would you believe?

Most of you would think it was some trick, but fortunately, that’s not the case.

templatemonster social stock

One of the largest marketplaces for web design solutions, TemplateMonster, offers everyone to take part in a rewarding Social Stock program. It’s indeed a straightforward, real and rewarding opportunity to get one of the offered prizes on the list.

Social Stock campaign was launched back in 2016. By engaging real people in this program, organizers hoped to spread the word about TemplateMonster web solutions. As a reward, the company provides them with a 10% discount on any product in the marketplace. It’s a real finding for web designers and individual website owners that offers more than 25,000 premium themes and templates as well as other digital products and services.

The promo code will be available both for you and people you share it with. The more people purchase TemplateMonster products using your promo-code, the more points you get (1 point per 1 use).

templatemonster social stock

Just imagine: in 2017 social stock promo-codes have been used more than 3200 times while there were more than 4200 registered participants.

  • more than 146 got $100 or more on their PayPal account;
  • 2 have won a cool SmartWatch Pebble;
  • 1 person got an iPad Mini 4;
  • 1 more lucky person became an owner of iPhone 7.

Other items like Canon Eos 6d, MacBook Pro, Harley-Davidson Street and a new Tesla Model S are waiting for their first winners. Who knows – maybe it’s going to be you.

This year TemplateMonster continues the Social Stock program and gives you one more chance to earn one or even several prizes in exchange for used promo-codes. TemplateMonster has special plans for the 2018 Social Stock campaign.

We are going to make a global update of our prizes and enlarge the number of participants to 20k and increase the usage of promo codes to 7k times. Would you like to contribute?

To apply for registration, you don’t have to fill in a lengthy application. You just type in your email on the Social Stock page, hit the “Register Me Now” button and that’s it. You will receive a confirmation email with a username (this is your email), password and a promo-code in it. Now you can get any TemplateMonster product at 10% discount.

And that’s where the magic begins. As soon as you log in to your account, you’ll have access to memes, banners and pre-written email messages. You can share the promo-code with other people on social media and even send it to all of your email contacts on a list.

Social Stock

Success Stories of Our Participants

One of the enormous misconceptions among our participants is that only active social media users with a broad audience can make it to 50+ engaged users. You won’t believe, but most of our winners weren’t socially active people. Being a blogger and having an influence on a particular group of people is a huge advantage but not the key to success. There are at least two living examples to prove this fact:

  • A 28 years old freelance IT specialist Humberto Tello used to be ranked first on Social Stock leaderboard. He says his secret of success is quite simple: staying patient, avoid looking like a scammer and waiting for people to start trusting you. Humberto believes forums are the best place to let them know about TemplateMonster products. Read a full interview with Humberto Tello here.
  • A college student Demetrio Macias has never been into blogging. Nonetheless, an hour a day spent on sharing his promo-code in Facebook groups, Quora questions and forums did its part. Demetrio first exchanged his points for money and smartwatch, but soon he collected enough points for an iPhone 6. Read Demetrio’s story of success here.

This is how a current list of top 3 leaders looks like. Our number 1 leader managed to earn 1540+ points! So why don’t you try to earn more?

social stock

The new 2018 Social Stock campaign has already started and will be finished at 23:59, December 31st, 2018. You still have a lot of time to win several prizes and even collect points for the new Tesla electric car, which can launch you to Mars. Aside from that, you’ll learn useful tips and tricks on how to earn online. You can always contact our Social Stock program manager Jim Harding by email at [email protected] for some advice.

Good luck!

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