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Flash. Exporting images from fla file

This tutorial shows how to export images from the FLA file. Exporting images from Flash is really easy:

1) Open an ".FLA" source file in Adobe Flash software, usually it is located in the folder SOURCES / FLASH. Press "CTRL+L" to access a flash library window

2) Find the appropriate bitmap symbol there and select it

3) Create new flash document ("File -> New") and drag’n’drop the bitmap symbol to the new flash library or copy/paste it

4) Then drag’n’drop the chosen symbol from the new library window to the stage

5) Go to "File -> Export Image" and save the picture as a JPG or PNG file. Do the same with the rest of the bitmap/graphics symbols. It should work without problem.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Flash. Exporting images from fla file