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Facebook. How to change the default landing page

Since Facebook introduced the Timeline layout lots of users have been asking if it is still possible to use reveal tabs. The answer is YES! You need however to do some minor changes before using your reveal tab.

As you might have done it previously, you need to upload your Facebook fan-gate, and to do this you need to go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps and click Create New App (more detailed info you can get here). Without creating new app you will not be able to upload the reveal tab template. Luckily the mechanism of uploading of the Facebook Reveal Templates has not been changed.

In the old layout, Default Landing Tabs were used as an introductory tool which function was to generate likes, give fans-only content in exchange for the new fans, promote contests and sweepstakes. Since Facebook switched to the Timeline the Tabs received a new name – applications. The new timeline layout allows to display your applications under the cover photo, in the left part of the “Views and Apps” toolbar.

Still many users question themselves on how to promote the app within a Timeline. With following methods you can still get lots of likes with your fan-gate page using the so-familiar for everyone techniques, though the new Facebook layout requires to show more creativity.

There are several ways to promote Tab page using Timeline:

  1. You can promote the app by adding brief information about it in the right part of the “Views and Apps” toolbar, plus you can also include the direct link there;
  2. You can promote the app with your posts, the pinning option allows to leave the post at the top of the timeline for a week, the post should include some important information that would provoke user to click the app. Don’t forget that the post will be unpinned in 7 days, so be ready to update the timeline with fresh and engaging information;
  3. By clicking the app with a right mouse button you will see the opening menu, it includes the direct link to the app, you can use it to promote your app on other resources, including your website and social media channels;
  4. Facebook adds will also help you to promote your apps, but it will cost money.

After you’ve adjusted the cover image it is time to choose “favorite” apps (you can pick just a couple of applications), these apps will be shown under the header image to the right. To see additional applications user will have to click the dropdown arrow. When adjusting the fan-gated app you need to choose suitable title that will easily attract visitor’s attention and will encourage him/her to click the App. Timeline layout allows to pick an icon for each app, the size is 111px by 74px, here you can apply your imagination picking the most visually pleasing ones.

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