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Facebook Templates. No ‘View App Profile Page’ link. Removing App Profile Pages

Facebook will remove all App Profile Pages on February 1st, 2012. Over the next few weeks, the following banner will appear to admins at the top of the App Profile Page:

For New APPs

New apps will not automatically get an App Profile Page. Instead, new apps can choose to create a Facebook Page from the Dev App. Simply visit the Contact Info section in the Advanced tab of the Dev App and click on the “Create Facebook Page” button to create a new Facebook Page.

Hitting Confirm on the next dialog associates the new Facebook Page with your app. By default, the Page is titled “[YOUR_APP_NAME] Community Page”. You can modify this at any time. The Page has a “Go To App” button on the top right and the following links on the left menu:

Block App

Remove App

Contact Developer

Report App

Read More on Facebook Developer blog

Adding an app to a Page

To add an app to a Page, Page admins relied on the ‘Add to my Page’ link found on App Profile Pages. For your convenience, Facebook is now providing an ‘Add to Page’ dialog that you can embed on your website, app, or Page tab.

In other words, from now on, you will not see “View App Profile Page” link on the APP setttings page

However, you can add your APP to profile page, using a Direct URL option:


which will bring up the Add Page Tab box

You can find YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_URL on your APP settings page:

Read More on Facebook Developer blog

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  • Pikkabbu

    I’ve been spending hours trying to create a new app in Facebook to install the template.
    Facebook is perhaps the worst self documented site in the world.
    Others pages abd youtube video are obsolete.
    Thanks to your online support, I’ve been able to fix the problem in minutes.

    Thanks a lot and keep on the good job !

  • Thank you. This part of the tuto really help us out.