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Flash CMS Template Installation

Please read the instructions below to see how to install a Flash CMS Template.

I. Delivery E-mail: Flash Moto account

After you have purchased our Flash Moto template you will receive an email under “Flash Moto Accounts” telling you as follows (example):

Dear Customer,

Your account has been successfully created. Now you can log in to Flash Moto User Account with the
following login details:

E-mail: [email protected]

Password: temp123

URL: http://account.flashmoto.com

If you have any problems accessing your account please, contact our Support Team at http://chat.template-help.com/

You’re getting this email because you’ve just bought Flash Moto CMS.

(Or at least someone using your email address did.)

II. Account Registration

You should register your product in order to use it on ONE server and for ONE domain name. To do
this, please go to your Flash Moto account at http://account.flashmoto.com and enter your access details provided over the email (example):

E-mail: [email protected]

Password: temp123

III. Account Activation

1. Using this form please fill in your hosting information i.e. your website IP and a website domain name. To edit your information, please use the “Edit” function as on the preview below:

2. You can check your website IP in the cPanel of your Hosting account:

You can also find out your website IP address using the following link:

Concerning your domain name, it should be clear as this is the name of your website; anyways you can always check it with your Hosting provider.

3. After you have entered your details please, press “Activate” button:


Then press “Activate” button again on My Products page to make your product active.

Your account has been successfully activated now!

NB: Please, note that we need this procedure to protect your product from illegal actions.


IV. Delivery E-mail: Flash Moto template

After you have activated your account you can check another email under “Template Delivery Service” with the download links to your template. Then download it and save it to your computer. 


V. Uploading a Flash Moto template to a web hosting

Please, unzip the downloaded zip file to your hard drive and find the folder called “site_flash” this is what you should upload to your FTP server.

When using FTP software please, make sure that you have set an AUTO mode for the file transfer of you FTP client and don’t change the file names (i.e. do not convert the file names to lowercase).
You can upload your Flash Moto template to a remote server in a usual way. There is no need to perform any additional adjustments after you have uploaded your template to a server. However,
please make sure that your server configuration fully meets the software requirements available on the preview page of the Flash CMS template. After uploading your files you can open your template
on a server.

Then go to your website and see the results. In order to access the admin panel please, add “/admin” to your site’s URL (example): http://mysitename.com/admin

Please, make sure that your server should meet the requirements of Flash Moto as only in case of full compatibility the Flash Moto template will work properly. In case your server does not meet the
requirements provided on the template preview you may see the list of possible errors. Please, see the screenshot below:

It shows you the errors to fix in order to work correctly in the control panel. If you do not see this screen – everything is correct and we can continue.

VI. Control Panel (cPanel) set up

In order to set up your cPanel please, follow the steps below:

    – Choose the cPanel language (for now only English is available, more languages will be available soon);
    – Agree the Terms of Use;
    – Enter your cPanel login and password details (in case you forget your password please, submit your email address to get your password emailed to you):

In conclusion, the final step would be adding your name of the website:

As you can see, setting up your website is very simple; it is rather easy and does not require any additional efforts from your side. That is why simplicity in setting up a Flash CMS template is one
of the key advantages of this product.

VII. Product Activation

After you have set up a Control Panel you might be prompted to activate your product. This may happen only if you didn’t activate your account earlier on the step 3 (see above).

Website IP and Website domain are retrieved automatically. You just need to press the “Activate” button. Next, you will see your account window and should make sure that your account has been activated.

After you have successfully activated the product please, close this page and open it again using the same link (example): http://mysitename.com/admin

Please, restart application (refresh the browser) once the activation process is completed.

The product is ready for use! Enjoy working with Flash Moto content management system!

NB: Product Activation as well as changing website IP and a domain name is limited to 5 times only. It’s necessary to avoid conflicts with the admin panel between users sharing the same account.
If you need to increase the number of activation attempts, please contact our support team at http://template-help.com/tickets.

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