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Flash. How to edit banners

In this tutorial you will learn how to edit banners in Flash Animated Full Site templates.

Open the ‘tfile_main.xml’ file from ‘sources/flash’ folder.

Here, we can modify the text for our banners.

Save this file when you are done.

In the ‘sources/flash’ folder, we have our images for banners.

Simply swap them with your own ones. We recommend to keep the same file name, size and format.

Open the ‘header_v8.fla’ file in Adobe Flash program to assign links for our banners.

Find and open in the Scene movie clip for all banners.

Click to select each banner object and Duplicate the Instance Symbol for each item.

Once that is done, double click on each item in the Scene.

Find the button layer and duplicate the Instance Symbol of it as well.

Press F9 key to open Action Script panel.

Assign the link using the following script:


Repeat the same process for each banner item.

Publish your .FLA file to see the changes.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

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