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Flash. How to replace text logo with image

The following tutorial shows how to replace text logo with image in flash templates. The same technique can be used to replace logos in any flash animated template

1) Open the FLA file and import your new logo image. Go to File >> Import >> Import to library

2) Locate your company name symbol and doubleclick it to open. Open it until you can select and edit text in the company name text field

3) Now you should drag and drop your new logo image to main stage and set the proper size by "free transform tool"

4) Remove the logo text and place your new logo image in the correct place

5) If you are editing XML Flash template you should locate and edit script layer, select it and press F9 to see the code

6) Remove all the code related to your logo, usually it is all the scripting.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

How to replace text logo with image

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  • i did all this and even though i see the logo on the swf file when i load it to the server it disappears.

    • Anonymous

      Please contact our techinicans using the online help desk (ticket system). Specify your template number and they will provide you with further assistance.