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Full Site. How to edit images in flash header.

This tutorial will show you how to replace images in flash header in Full Site templates. Due to the comment structure this tutorial can be also used to edit the most recent Flash Animated and Full Package templates. The flash header images in most recent templates are loaded dynamically so there is no need to perform any changes in flash itself. You only need to replace the images.

  1. Open ‘index.html‘ file from /site_flash folder in the browser to see the preview.
  2. Images are loading dynamically. All those images we can find in the ‘site_flash/flash/images’ folder.
  3. In order to replace them, we should simply swap them out in this same folder. Keep the same file name, size and format.
  4. This is it. Reopen the Open ‘index.html’ file from /site_flash folder or simply reload the browser to see the changes.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Full Site. How to edit images in flash header.

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