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How to add a custom text page with the link in footer

This tutorial shows how to add new custom content page in osCommerce 2.2.

1. To save some time we won’t create new page from scratch. Let’s take a Shipping page as a base for our new page. Open osCommerce installation directory and locate shipping.php file.

2. Copy the file and rename it. Let it be feed.php

3. Open includes/languages/your_language directory. Locate shipping.php file, copy it and rename to feed.php

4. One feed.php file and change it’s content.

5. Open includes folder and open filenames.php file. Add new line and define new filename as follows:

define('FILENAME_FEED', 'feed.php');

6. In the includes/languages/your_language/feed.php file replace FILENAME_SHIPPING with FILENAME_FEED


For more detials please check the video tutorial below