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How to add multiple images to a product

Q: How do I add multiple images to a product?

A: First of all you should upload one image to your images folder via the categories.php page, for example, we can take the image called toaster.gif and put it in the /images/toasters directory.

Now, you can upload additional images to /images/toasters folder :


It is important to use the numbers so that these files are uploaded in order, as for the additional images, they are loaded in an alpha / numeric way.

But you can also change the suffix to something better so as to fit your needs.

Note: the base image name is the original image name loaded for the product. The suffix of _01 or any other one is optionally defined but very useful for distinguishing image names from a visual stand point. Additional images can actually have any name that has the base name of the original image plus additional characters afterwards. Referring to our example this might be done in the following way:

Main image: toaster.gif

And all these names are considered for additional images as they contain the original image name:


You should only place these images in the same folder as the base image such as /images/toasters.

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