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How to add a new welcome block

This tutorial only applies to templates with the “Welcome” region. If your Drupal 6 template doesn’t have such region. You may follow the video “How to stick an article to the top of the front-page” to achieve similar result.

Creating your block

1. Login as administrator.

2. Open “Administer -> Site Building -> Blocks”.

3. Click “Add block” at the top.

4. Input your “Block description”, “Block title”. In the”Block body” field type your welcome message, that will be visible at the top of the front page.

If you want to format this text, use appropriate HTML tags, and make sure that “Full HTML" is selected under “Input format”.

5. Press “Save block” button.

Changing block’s position

6. Change the block’s position, by dragging it to the “Welcome” region.

7. Press “Save blocks” button to save the changes.

That’s it. Now the newly created welcome message with your content should appear on the front page.