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How Can I Get an SSL Certificate for Free?

Table of contents:

Why Google wants you to get an SSL Certificate?

You’ve got to admit that Google is doing a pretty good job caring about its users’ convenience and security. That’s why the websites without the SSL Certificate will be flagged as unsafe nowadays. The reason is simple; it means that your website is not secure enough and users should know about that. And that’s not really about you or your WordPress website, in particular, every site should be safe, and all the users should feel secure while transferring the data and giving out their vulnerable information.

In case your website collects the personal data, logins, passwords, etc. you MUST get the SSL certificate.

Do you use the HTTP? Well, it’s time for you to step up and get your SSL certificate as well.

SSL Certificate

How does SSL Certificate make your website secure?

When you transfer the personal data of your users via HTTP, the information doesn’t get encrypted, so any other user with the needed hacking skills may intrude.

SSL gets your information transferred from the point A to the point B without intrusion. The data will be encrypted and sent most securely. Here is how the SSL protocol works.

  1. User’s browser connects your website.
  2. Your server gets identified by the browser by sending the SSL security certificate out.
  3. Chrome or any other browser you use checks if the certificate is trustworthy.
  4. The server gets a notification that everything is okay and sends a request to start the SSL session.
  5. That’s where HTTPS comes out and starts working with your data, making sure that the data is secure all the way.

Where can I get a Free SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are not cheap. There are a lot of services that sell them. Some of the prices are affordable, some of them are huge. But today I would like to tell you how to get a free SSL for your website.

There is a service called ‘Let’s Encrypt.’ That’s just one of the services provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) and the ISRG simply can issue the best SSL Certificate for free.

They want the internet to be a better and safer place, so they became this kind of the certificate authority that issues them for free.

Also, I would recommend you check out the offer from Comodo; they offer free SSL certificates as well.

SSL Certificate

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