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Magento. How to Edit Banners.

This tutorial will show you how to edit banners in Magento.

How to edit banners in Magento

Log into the admin panel of your store. Navigate to CMS> Pages> Home:


Select Design tab. You will find banner reference there:


<block type="cms/block"  name="banner_block">
<action  method="setBlockId"><block_id>banner_block</block_id>

This means banners are controlled by a static block.

Go to CMS> Static blocks> Banner Block:


Search for the following piece of code:

<div  class="banner">  
<a href="{{ store  url='page_url.here'}}">
<img  alt="" src="{{skin url='images/media/banner_image.jpg'}}"/>
<h>Banner title here</h>

In this section you can modify image, link and text for banner:


  1. In order to change the link for the banner, you have to open the required page and copy its URL. Place it instead of page_url.here in <a href="{{ store url=’page_url.here’}}"> line.

  2. The default reference used for the banner image is <img alt="" src="{{skin url=’images/media/banner_image.jpg’}}"/>. Replace the default name of the file with the required one. Make sure new banner image is uploaded, usually it is located under /skin/frontend/default/theme###/images/media/ folder on server.

  3. <h>Banner title here</h> is where you can change text for banner. Update it with your own one. Make sure text is placed within <h> <h/> tabs.

Use Save Block button to update implemented changes and open Magento front-end to view modifications.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

How to edit banners in Magento