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How to change the speed in flash

Q: How can I speed the frame rate or slow it down when the movie is playing? For example, I would like to slow the frame rate from the default of 20 fps to 15 fps from frame #80 to frame #150. Then frame rate should speed back up to 20 fps after frame #151, (fps = frames per second).

A: One way is to use “interval”. An example of changing the speed of the movie from frame #80 to frame #150 is shown below.
Create a key frame at frame #80 and place this script:

var fps:Number = 80;
var intervalID:Number = setInterval(this, “advanceFrame”, 1000/fps);
function advanceFrame() {
if (_currentframe<151) {
intervalID = setInterval(this, “advanceFrame”, 1000/fps);
} else {

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