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How to configure a product listing layout

For editing the product listing layout please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Magento admin panel
  2. Select the “System” tab
  3. Then click the “Configuration” menu item
  4. Click the “Catalog” menu
  5. Then open the “Frontend” tab

  6. List Mode is set to “Grid Only” by default. As you can see in the “Grid” mode, the products are displayed this way.
  7. You can set it to the “List only” mode

  8. Click “Save Config” to make the changes affect the store.
  9. Now the products are displayed in “List mode”

There are two other modes. Both of them give the customer the opportunity to change the list mode from the front page.

¿Cómo configurar diseño de la lista de productos?

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