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How to install an osCommerce template

This tutorial shows how to install osCommerce template to your hosting server.


Before you proceed please perform some preparations.

1. OsCommerce engine requires MySQL database to store website data. Please access your hosting control panel and create new database. Learn more about creating databases

2. Make sure you have all applications required to work with osCommerce template. You can see list of required software at the template preview page.

3. Make sure your hosting provider fits osCommerce requirements. You can see template requirements at the template preview page.

Downloading template files

Using the link from your template delivery email please download osCommerce template package. Template package is provided as a ZIP archive. You need to extract files using some archive manager. You can check detailed tutorials on how to extract template packages on MAC and Windows

When you are done with the template extracting you should see the following files structure:

  • osc
  • catalog
  • extras
  • screenshots
  • sources

Uploading osCommerce files to hosting server

osCommerce template is integrated into osCommerce engine so there is no need to install osCommerce engine separately.

To upload osCommerce template correctly please open the directory with the extracted template files, go to osc > catalog folder. Upload the content of the catalog folder to your hosting server.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial on how to upload files to the hosting server

Installing osCommerce template

When the uploading is complete open your internet browser and in the address bar input your_domain/root_to_oscommerce_installation. You should see osCommerce installation welcome screen.

Intitial screen. Checking server settings

At this step osCommerce is checking your hosting server requirements. If your server fits osCommerce requirements click Continue button to proceed. Otherwise please contact your hosting provider.

Step 1. Database Server

As we mentioned before osCommerce requires MySQL database to stre data. Into the Database server fields please inout database details. Please contact your hosting provider if don’t have database details.

Click Continue button to proceed

Step 3. Web server

At this step you can define root to your osCommerce installation directory and your store URL. We do not recommend you to change these details unlesss you know what you are doing.

Click Continue button to proceed

Step 4. Online Store Settings

Into Online Store Settings fields please input:

  • Store name
  • Store owner name
  • Store owner email address
  • Store administrator username (create new)
  • Store administrator password (create new)
  • Administration panel directory (do not use "admin")


Congratulations, you are almost done with installing osCommerce store.

Please check the store security recommendations below. To access your store please click Catalog button. To access osCommerce administration panel click Administration Tool button.

To login to osCommerce admnistration panel please use the Store administrator username and Store administrator password you defined at the previous installation step

Post-Installation Notes

It is recommended to follow the following post-installation steps to secure your osCommerce Online Merchant online store:

  1. Delete the /install directory.
  2. Rename the Administration Tool directory located at /admin.
  3. Set the permissions on /includes/configure.php to 644 (or 444 if this file is still writable).
  4. Set the permissions on /admin/includes/configure.php to 644 (or 444 if this file is still writable).
  5. Review the directory permissions on the Administration Tool -> Tools -> Security Directory Permissions page.
  6. The Administration Tool should be further protected using htaccess/htpasswd and can be set-up within the Configuration -> Administrators page.


How to install an osCommerce template

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