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How to install a VirtueMart component and template

This tutorial shows how to install VirtueMart template to your website. As you know VirtueMart is a Joomla component so in order to make it work you should have Joomla CMS installed to your hosting server.

Download VirtueMart component

VirtueMart component can be downloaded from the official website at virtuemart.net. In the top menu click Downloads link and download required VirtueMart package. Make sure it is compatible with your Joomla version.

Extracting Files

The downloaded VirtueMart package is a ZIP archive so you need to extract files from this archive. Feel free to check the detailed tutorial on how to extract files on Windows and MAC.

In the directory with the extracted VirtueMart files you can see several folders: modules, plugins etc and another ZIP archive – com_virtuemart_###.zip. Do not extract files from this archive. It should be uploaded to your Joomla admin panel as it is.

Installing VirtueMart

Open your Joomla administration panel and go to Extensions > Extensions Manager section.

Click Browse button and select the com_virtuemart_###.zip from the directory with the extracted VirtueMart files. Upload the package.

When the upload is complete you’ll see the VirtueMart welcome screen. Click Go directly to the shop button.

Installing VirtueMart modules

After VirtueMart installation you need to install additional modules used in the template.

Open the downloaded template package and go to the sources directory. If you didn’t extract files from the template package yet feel free to check tutorials on how to extract template packages on Windows and MAC.

Modules are provided as ZIP archives too, no need to extract them. Upload them the same way as you’ve done with VirtueMart component package (using Joomla admin panel Extensions Manager)

Installing VirtueMart theme

Open template directory and go to the joomla folder. There you can see theme### archive. Upload it to your Joomla admin panel (Extensions > Extensions Manager )

Open template package and go to the sources folder. There you can see theme directory. Open it and upload all folders from there to the Joomla installation root on your hosting server.

Installing VirtueMart sample data

ATTENTION: Importing the SQL file to your database will overwrite your existing content and website settings. DO NOT import the SQL file if you want to keep the existing content

NOTE: ALWAYS backup your database before performing any modifications

In order to make your VirtueMart installation appear as at the template preview you need to install template sample data.

Open your hosting control panel and go to your database management tool (phpMyAdmin). Open your database and import the dump.sql file from the template sources directory.

To learn more about importing SQL files please check video tutorial

VirtueMart theme activation

To activate VirtueMart theme you need to open Joomla admin panel and go to Components > VirtueMart

Then click Configuration link and switch to the Site tab.

There in the Select theme for your shop box choose your theme. Click Save to keep you changes.

For more details please check the video tutorial below.

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