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WordPress. How to install a theme via admin panel

This tutorial will show you how to install a WordPress theme through the WordPress admin panel.

WordPress. How to install a theme via admin panel

1. Open the WordPress admin panel, and go to the Appearance>Themes menu.


2. At the top, click the Add New button.


3. Then click the Upload button to upload the theme package file from your computer.


4. When the upload is complete, you need to activate the theme. Click the Activate button.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress. How to install a theme via admin panel

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  • Mei93h

    How do you ‘archive’ a theme? I’m having trouble browsing my theme that I downloaded.

    • Anonymous

      In order to archive a theme you need to have WinZip software installed. Open the template package, open the theme### folder, right click on it and Select Winzip>Add To theme###.zip
      The upload the theme###.zip package into your admin panel.

  • Anonymous

    We regret that you are having difficulties with the template installation. All templates offered by our company can be easily installed through the WordPress admin panel.

  • Bethknight1234

    The tutorial video is all for PCs. I’m using WinZip MAC edition to zip the files, but WordPress won’t take them. What should I do?

    • Anonymous

      Please make sure you are trying to install .ZIP archive. It should work file on both MAC or PC

  • Anonymous

    If you have issues with extracting files on MAC you can check the following video tutorial: