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How to maintain product information page

This tutorial shows how to manage product info page content in osCommerce.

For example you want to hide price or remove add to cart button from the product details page. Let’s see how this could be done.

  1. Access your osCommerce installation directory
  2. Open product_info.php file with your editor

All changes should be performed in this file.

For example:

To remove price comment of delete:

<h2 class="price"><?php echo '<b>'.PRICE. '</b>'.$products_price; ?></h2>

To remove product description delete:

<div class="desc desc_padd"><?php echo stripslashes($product_info['products_description']); ?></div>

To locate necessary blocks you can use browser developer tools and then search for the block class in the php file.

For more details please check the detailed tutorial below: