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How to make a contact form work (up to template #13000)

The configuring of your contact form is pretty easy. You should open your FLA file, then press CTRL+F and search for "@" symbol. It will find several (or one) locations where this symbol can be used. You should go to the one with [email protected] or [email protected];

After that you will be automatically taken to this location and should see the contact form script:

rec="[email protected]";

You can easily put your e-mail address instead of the default one and your are done! You can change your server option by specifying the "serv" variable. It can be set either for "php" or "asp".


Publish the .FLA file to create an .SWF file, then upload this .SWF file the server, replacing the original one.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

How to make a contact form work (up to template #13000)