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Magento. How to manage currencies

In order to manage currencies in your Magento store please follow the next instructions:

1. Enter the Magento admin panel.
2. Click the “System” tab
3. Then click “Configuration”

First of all, we should make sure that the currency that we are going to add is installed. Scroll down the page.

4. Select the “System” menu item in the “Advanced” section

5. Click the “Currency” tab

Make sure that the required currency is selected (hold down the CTRL key for multiple selection). As soon as you find the required currency in the list, head to the “Currency Setup” page.

You should apply the changes to your specific store view. As you can see, the default display currency is the US dollar. You can add any other installed currency using the drop down menu.
Please, be advised that the currency that you want to use should be selected in the “Allowed Currencies” list (hold down the CTRL key to select several currencies).

6. Save the configuration

For checking the currency rates go to “System -> Manage Currency Rates” menu item. Here you can see your currencies and rates. You can update the currency rates using the “Webservicex” automated services. Click the “Import” button for that. You also can set your rates manually. Magento. How to manage currencies

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