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Flash. How to manage popups

In this tutorial you will learn the way to manage popup pages.

As you have an XML flash template all the texts can be edited without Flash, edit "main.xml" located in the folder "xml" file in any text editor

1) Open "xml/main.xml" file in any text editor and search for "popup" pages.
Every popup page is locate is similar tags:

<pagePopup> – means popup section

<popup> – means popup page

2) Regular popup script looks like this:

  <item name="title"><![CDATA[TITLE here]]></item>
  <item name="linkText">PAGE text here</item>

<pagePopup> – is the main tag that is to mark content for popup page

<popup> – is a separate page tag so if you need several pages you need to use <popup> for every inside <pagePopup>

3) To update popup page text you just need to replace text with the one you need, save the file and refresh browser to see it.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Flash. How to manage popups