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How to manage tax rates

In order to manage tax rates in a Magento store please do the following:

1. Enter the Magento admin panel
2. Select the “Sales” tab
3. Then select the “Tax” menu item

Here you can see the Tax menu that will allow you to manage taxes in your store. You can define customer tax classes. You can add as many customer tax classes as you need using the “Add New” button at the top. You can define product tax classes the same way as well.

Let’s add a new tax rule, use the button at the top.

– insert its name
– select the customer tax class that the rule would be applied to
– select your product tax classes (use the “SHIFT” key for multiple selection)
– select your tax rates
– set the priority and sort order

Press the “Save Rule” button when you are done.

Also, you can manage tax zones and rates:

– specify the tax identifier ( the tax name)
– specify the country and the sate that the tax rate will be applied to
– set the rate