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How to resize images

The following tutorial will show you how to resize images using the Image Size feature in Adobe Photoshop application.

Open your image in Adobe Photoshop and go to Image – Image size or open Image size windows at the press of Ctrl+Alt+I hotkey.
We now have two sets of inputs: Document Size and Pixel Dimensions.

The Pixel Dimensions section tells us the width and height of our image in pixels or percent as well as the file size of our image.

Constrain Proportions option, which is enabled by default, links the width and height of the image together so that if you make a change to the height of the image (in Pixel Dimensions) Photoshop will automatically change the width value accordingly, and vice versa.
But if you want to be able to change the width and height independently of each other, simply uncheck this checkbox.

The Document Size section tells us how large or small our image will appear on a paper if we print it. You can choose between 7 measuring values.


After resizing your image save it by clicking File – Save As. And there you go!


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

How to resize images

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