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How to add front-end login form and widgets in WordPress

In case you want to allow your users log into your WordPress site directly
from the front-end, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. First of all, you need to install and activate the Theme My Login plugin.

  2. Once the plugin is activated, there will be the pages for login,
    logout, forgotten password, and registration:

  3. You can visit these pages to see these forms in action:

  4. To setup Theme My Login, navigate to TML page in the dashboard:

    There you can set up:

    • Stylesheet settings;

    • Login Types;

    • Modules;

  5. When you save the plugin settings, you will notice a settings page added
    to the TML menu for each module you enable. Theme My Login comes with
    different modules packed right into the plugin. You can enable them based
    on your own requirements. Let’s look at each module features and settings:

    5.1 Custom Email

    Once you enable this module, you will be able to customize email messages
    under TML > Email tab. Here you can change emails sent by WordPress to
    users and site admins:

    5.2 Custom Passwords

    By using custom passwords module you can allow users to choose a password
    during registration. This module does not have a settings page. Once you
    enable it, the module will add password fields to the registration form on
    your website.

    5.3 Custom Redirection

    Custom redirection module allows you to configure redirection for each user role on your site:

    There are three options for both login and logout redirects under TML >
    . You can choose the default WordPress behavior which will send
    users to their profile or login page. You can choose Referrer, which will
    send users to the page they came from. Lastly, you can choose “custom”
    which send users to a specific URL when they log in or log out.

    5.4 Custom User Links

    In order to add custom links for users you need to visit TML > Custom

    5.5 Recaptcha

    This module allows you to show reCAPTCHA on registration pages. To set up
    reCAPTCHA you simply need open TML > reCAPTCHA and input site key and a
    secret key:

    You can generate site key and a secret key by visiting the

    reCAPTCHA website

    5.6 Security

    To improve the security of your login pages you need to configure settings
    under TML > Security:

    You can make a website completely private by forcing users to log in before
    they can view the site. You can also disable access to the wp-login.php file.
    You can also limit login attempts to protect your site from brute force

    5.7 Themed Profiles

    Themed profiles module allows users to edit their profiles on the
    front-end. Under TML > Themed Profiles tab you can set up user roles for
    themed profiles and user roles with access to the wp-admin directory.

    5.8 User Moderation

    This module allows combating spam registration with user moderation
    module.You can choose between email confirmation method or require each
    registration to be manually approved by an administrator.

  6. In case you want to add a handy widget to the
    sidebar and allow users to log in from anywhere on your site, you simply
    need to open Appearance > Widgets and add Theme My Login widget to a
    needed sidebar area:

    Nice, we’re done! Now you’ve got the hang of how to add front-end login form
    and widgets in WordPress. We wish you a good luck in reaching a ton of

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