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How to create an attribute

If you need to add a new product attribute in a Magento store you should follow the next steps:

1. Log in to the Magento admin panel
2. Click the “Catalog” tab in the Magento admin main menu.

3. Select “Attributes” and click the “Manage Attributes” button. Here you can see all the attributes used in the Magento store. You can click any of them to see their attribute options and change some if needed.
4. Let’s add a new attribute. Click the “Add New Attribute” button. You can see the attribute options page:

“Attribute Code” field. It is the name of the attribute used by the system. The drop-down menu determines the level at which the values of this attribute are shared.
“Global” means that the value of this attribute for a given product must be the same throughout your site.
“Website” option means that the value of this attribute for a given product can vary in different Websites.
“Store View” means that the value of this attribute for a given product can differ in all Websites and all store views.

Each new product created with this attribute will automatically have this attribute pre-populated with the value you enter here. However, you will always be able to edit the pre-populated value. If you designate the attribute to be a unique value, the value selected or entered for this attribute for each product must be different.
If you require values, you should select a value for this attribute for each product you create. You will not be able to save a product if this attribute is left blank.

Decide which product types will include this attribute. You can specify if this attribute is available in the quick search and in the advanced search. If you opt for “Yes”, a row for this attribute will be created in the “Compare Products” pop-up window. If you select “Filterable” (with results), only the values that correspond to products in that category page will display in the menu.

You can also see the position of the attribute in the layered navigation menu against other filterable attributes.

5. Ok, we’re done with attribute properties and now we can proceed to the “Manage Options” page. Click the “Manage Label/Options” button.

– You can specify the attribute title for each language and for the admin page
– You can add attribute options

6. Specify which attribute value is default
7. Set the attribute options order.
8. When you are done, click the “Save Attribute” button.

How to create an attribute