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How to edit Facebook Flash template

This tutorial will guide you through the basic customization of Facebook Flash templates.

1. Once you have downloaded the template and extracted the files, open ‘facebook_site‘ folder.  To preview the template, open the Index.html file in the browser from ‘facebook_site‘ folder.

2. In order to edit the template content, you should modify the ‘main.xml‘ file. We recommend to use Adobe Dreamweaver software.

3. Locate the text which you want to modify and simply type your own text over the original ‘dummy text’. All the content text, company name, slogan, read more pages, button titles etc., you can edit by modifying the main.xml file.

4. In order to edit images, simply swap them out in the ‘images’ folder. Please keep the same file name, size and format.

NOTE: if you want to use different file format or name, make sure to indicate it in the "main.xml’ file.

5. Locate the <menu> section to modify the menu button text.