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How to reset admin access details with GoDaddy

There are various ways to reset the WordPress admin panel access details. This tutorial will show you how to do this using the GoDaddy hosting control panel.

1. Open GoDaddy hosting control panel and go to the Databases tab. Then click MySQL icon

WP reset admin 1(click to enlarge)

2. Then select your WordPress database and click Manage via phpMyAdmin. On the next screen enter your database username and password

WP reset admin 2(click to enlarge)

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3. When you entered phpMyAdmin select your database from the left column.

Do not perform any modifications to the information_schema database. It’s a system one.

4. Browse the wp_users table.

WP admin reset 4(click to enlarge)

5. Select the user and click Edit icon

(click to enlarge)

6. Modify the user_pass field typing your new password.

7. In the user_pass functions field select MD5 encoding.

WP admin reset 6(click to enlarge)

8. Click Go button in the bottom right corner.


Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

How to reset admin access details

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