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How to Sell Products Online With My eCommerce Store?

What are the basic components of success?

Hi there! People often ask me how to sell products online with eCommerce store. When people ask this question, I assume that they already do have an online store configured, products added, they may even have some traffic visiting the website, but visitors just won’t purchase anything from there. And I tell you why, the process of generating sales on the online store is a big deal actually and it takes a lot of time, a lot of resources but there are basic components that any sort of success is based on and if you did a good care of all of them, you may come on something that will actually generate sales on your store.

These basics components are your store usability, on-site search engine optimization and the right kind of advertising. Without either of these success will be very hard for a new online store. Now let’s take a closer look on each of them.

What does usability mean?

The usability is the index that measures how easy your store is for visitors to interact with. This means it’s absolutely critical for conversions and if your website is not convenient you may be attracting a tons of traffic to your website but they will not buy anything from you, because the buy button might be hidden somewhere or the add to cart button is not obvious, or you may not even have any sort of conversion button on your store and that happens a lot. What you may do with your website usability, you may just put yourself into the visitors position and try to see if the page is convenient enough or what is much better, you may ask someone to test the usability of the page for you. Just say: "Hey Jane, please look at this page and try to buy the product. Would you be able to do that?". And if the person who was doing the testing for you would get stuck somewhere along the way, you’ll just see where it is and you’re gonna have to fix that.

How to optimize your store?

The next component is the search engine optimization of your internal website elements. It’s also absolutely critical for relevant traffic. It’s not a secret that the most of sales online occur from the search engine traffic. That sounds very promising but to make it happen, you have to let search engine know what exactly it is what you sell. Because when people search for something, your page has to be optimized for that search term and has to have relevant page elements to be in a search results.

The optimization is not hard to do if you know what you’re doing, just make sure that you have several page elements optimized for the product name, which happens to be your key word. You have to optimize your page title, which is the most critical thing. Also you have to optimize the description on the page like the product description, several paragraphs of text, they have to contain keywords. Headings are also needed to be optimized (so-called h1 elements). And you have to make sure you have your images optimized as well.

Plus a page title, plus the URL, this is also important. The URL has to contain a keyword as well. If you have these several components optimized on your page this will basically let Google know or other search engines what is your page about. This significantly increases chances of this page to be in the search results.

What are the advantages of advertising?

And the third component is advertising. This is actually a very popular thing because it works well and primarily because reaching the top of search results takes a lot of time, a lot of resources and efforts and that’s why new businesses choose advertising as their preferred way to attract sales quickly. There is a fast way to attract relevant traffic if you advertise with the contextual advertising offer by search engines. You may reach people when they are ready to buy, for example if the person is searching for lamps on Google you may display a text, something like: "Are you looking for lamps? Premium lamps is what our store sells. Come to see them on our pages". And hopefully the person will click there and visit your store, and make a purchase.

The other important thing about advertising is that you pay for actual clicks. That means no matter how many times your ad was displayed in search results, you only pay for actual clicks that people make on your ad. The clicks may be expensive, may be cheaper, it’s actually varies a lot but still advertising is an important thing for attracting relevant traffic and generate sales on your store.

If you take a good care of all three components, I guarantee you will see first sales on your store and you’ll be fine. This would be a solid basis for further success.

How to Sell Products Online With My eCommerce Store?

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