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I paid with Moneybookers.com but have not received my product

Apparently your order status is pending. Your payment may have been delayed for one of several reasons. First, you need to be sure that you have already sent enough money to your online Moneybookers.com account to cover the amount of the order. Your account balance may be seen on login at www.moneybookers.com. Delay can also occur if your bank transfer has not been updated to your MoneyBookers account balance. If this does not solve the problem you should contact Money Bookers, please be prepared to provide the following information and documentation:

the date you initiated the transfer;
the amount you sent;
which bank you deposited the funds to;
a copy of your bank statement showing this transfer.

Please send this documentation and information via email to [email protected] and they will get back to you with advise at their first possible convenience. Please remember, we are not directly involved in authorizations or transfers by Moneybookers.com and for these questions you must contact Moneybookers.com.