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Ideas For Visual Art And Note-Taking

  1. Creative Resources For Your Inspiration
    1. Doodling
    2. Sketchnotes
  2. Conclusion

Creative Resources For Your Inspiration

If you are a designer or just a visual learner with a passion for pens and paper, you should know better than anyone that inspiration along with a map of ideas is essential things in visual art creation or concepts development, and that there is sometimes a lack of them. We have gathered some excellent ideas that will give you the enthusiasm to get started with a new design project or to make your notes concise and comprehensive.


Doodling is an art form that will help you to express yourself and bring much fun to the overall process. With the help of doodle drawing, you can add some creative additions to your portfolio. Sometimes doodled graphics can become a concept part of the project you are currently working on. Doodling process has been proved to influence the way we process the information and find problem solutions. Being a great stress reducer and problem-solving technique, doodle drawing will help become a skillful artist.

Remember that this art form does not require top-notch drawing skills from you, your pictures have not to be perfect because the primary goal of doodling is to let you free up for a clear mind and better thinking. That being said, all you have to do is to relax, turn on your creativity and enjoy the process.

If you have not heard about doodle drawing yet, check out the art ideas for a more precise understanding.

Visual Notes Creation


Another good way to manage your workflow or take notes with fun is sketchnoting. Here are some cases when sketchnoting would be a great help for you:

  • Work meetings;
  • Conferences;
  • Personal journal;
  • School notes;
  • Travel notes;
  • Books and movies etc.
Visual Notes Creation

Do not rush to start taking notes right at the first conference you are going to attend, try it for yourself first e.g. practicing in TED talks sketchnoting. To get started on a visual note-taking of higher level, follow the further short tips that will make the process easier:

  • Pay attention to details and write down lists, quotations or things that the lecturer repeats.
  • Refuse to note everything: analyze the content and write down the most important details.
  • Start noting using abbreviations, icons, symbols, text emphasis, etc.
  • Visualize the information using connection lines, shapes, and illustrations. These visual cues will help to consolidate the information in your mind.
Visual Notes Creation

To get as much motivation from sketchnoting as possible, do not forget to find appropriate ballpoint or rollerball pens of different colors and fineliners along with the notebooks having the paper that will inspire you the most.

Visual Notes Creation


Now that you have gained the basics of sketchnoting and found out more about doodle drawing, there’s no reason not to use the knowledge. Pull out the sketchbook and take notes or draw the doodles to start visualizing the discussion in real time. You will be surprised by the results.

Visual Notes Creation

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