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Joomla 2.5. How to manage articles

Working with Joomla 2.5 templates you may have noticed some differences in comparison with more recent versions of Joomla templates. The main difference is that all articles are now stored using the K2 component and are called items.

Let’s see how to manage content in Joomla 2.5.

As I mentioned earlier Joomla articles are stored using the K2 component. To access Joomla posts (k2 items) please open Joomla administration panel and go to Components > K2 > Items.


Here you can see all available posts.

As you can see you still can set the items as featured, specify their order and assign them to categories. This screen is much different from Joomla articles manager.

Click on any item’s title to access item editing screen.

Use the buttons in the top right corner to create new items, delete/unpublish existing ones, copy items etc.


This screen displays all available item categories.

As you can see you can still create multi-level categories and even copy one category settings to another.


Tags screen displays all tags you assigned to K2 items. Tags are usually used for advanced items sorting.


Comments section displays all comments added to your website using the K2 commenting system. Here you can manage existing comments

Users and User groups

These sections are used to manage website users and user groups.

Extra fields and Extra Fields groups

Extra fields and Extra Fields groups are used to create additional options for your K2 items


Information sections contains all info about the K2 component and K2 related server settings and extensions.

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