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Joomla. Can’t see page content after flash block in IE.

It’s an often issue when your page content is not displayed after the flash block in Internet Explorer.

The issue is caused by the automatic code modifications performed by the Joomla WYSIWYG editor. In other words the editor changes the custom module HTML code and makes it totally unworkable.


1. Open Joomla admin panel and go to Site > Global configuration

2. In the Default editor box select None

3. Now open the template sources direcotry and open the flash module .html file with your HTML editor or notepad

4. In Joomla admin panel go to Extensions > Modules manager and open your custom HTML flash module

5. Copy the code from the HTML file to the module content area.

6. Save the module and refresh the website page to see the changes


Note: the solution works only for the custom HTML modules. If your flash module has been developed using other technique and still doesnt work please send a request to our team using the Online Help Desk