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Joomla Troubleshooter. Alternative template installation methods

This tutorial shows alternative Joomla template installation methods. In case you have issues installing template through Upload Package File filed in Joomla Extensions Manager.

Install from directory

  1. Open downloaded template package
  2. Go to joomla folder
  3. Copy theme###.zip file and upload it to the tmp folder of your Joomla installation
  4. Open Joomla admin panel
  5. Go to Extensions > Extensions Manager
  6. Into the Install Directory field type root to the uploaded ZIP package

  7. Click Install button to begin installation

Please contact your hosting provider to get correct path to your Joomla tmp folder from the server root.

Manual installation

If the above method doesn’t work you still can install the template manually

  1. Open downloaded template package
  2. Go to Joomla folder
  3. Extract file from the theme###.zip archive. You should get a folder theme### with the extracted files.
  4. Upload theme### folder to the templates directory of your Joomla installation
  5. Open Joomla admin panel
  6. Go to Extensions > Extensions manager and click Discover button from the top menu
  7. When you are at the discover screen click Discover button in the top right corner
  8. In the list below you should see your theme
  9. Check it and click Install button in the top right corner.
  10. Then your theme will be available through the Extensions > Templates manager

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