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ZenCart 1.3.9 templates available

ZenCart templates starting from #29009 are compatible with ZenCart 1.3.9.

Many improvements and bugfixes are included in v1.3.9 , including the following:

  • PHP 5.3.x compatibility
  • PCI scan improvements to prevent commonly-reported false-positives
  • SSL-detection improvements
  • Session Handling improvements for shared-SSL configurations to deal with IE-specific quirks
  • Session-Handler improvements: closing when done, removed redundant start, etc
  • Search improvements
  • Hack-attempt detection improvements
  • Add .htaccess for /images/ folder, and security updates to many others as well
  • Canonical URL support added for product pages and product listings. See /includes/init_includes/init_canonical.php
  • Developer Toolkit Improvements (smarter searches, case-sensitive options, etc)
  • USPS module updated to RateV3 API and includes all updates posted to April 2010
  • PayPal UK – 3D-Secure support added
  • PayPal micropayments support added
  • Added CURL processing for PayPal IPN handling in case fsockopen() is disabled or failing
  • Various updates to PayPal, Linkpoint (now renamed to FirstData) and Authnet Payment modules
  • Split tax line support integrated
  • Added per-EZ-page stylesheet support
  • Fix ISO country/currency errors in default SQL file (old countries removed, etc)
  • Fixes/updates/additions of various notifier calls
  • MySQL 6-alpha preliminary compatibility
  • Updates to spiders.txt file for stronger efficiency and more up-to-date data
  • Improvements to configure.php file read-only detection (automatically sets to read-only if found writable, and permissions allow it)
  • Various performance improvements, including freeing up wasted memory to make things run more lean
  • PHP error logging automatically enabled by default, since errors are not displayed to the browser (for security reasons) (Log cleanup can be done from admin side via Store Manager)
  • Turn off autocomplete on cc-number fields so browsers don’t store/retrieve that information
  • Spam slamming via tell-a-friend is now throttled
  • Admin-login-slamming protection – added delays to prevent brute-force password attacks