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Loaded Commerce News and Updates

This page will show you the most recent Loaded Commerce templates updates and Loaded Commerce solution news.

Loaded Commerce Templates News and Updates

Loaded Commerce News and Updates

This week we saw an unfortunate issue arise with our Loaded 7 install base. Our api server crashed on wednesday morning starting a chain reaction of other issues. Some that continued to plague our api server for a few days. The biggest problem was the effect on Loaded 7 installs around the world. The issue resulted in large error logs and crashed databases. This is because the admin code that checks in to validate the license. Even the free edition runs this check as it the serial may be a pro serial. Each free installations is activated and issued free serial, which future addons and updates can be related to. This check was incorrectly coded to fallback to an old protocol if it encountered an error. This falling back on error caused the checks to continue – in an endless loop, hitting our server several times a second, hanging the admin login page, and generating large error logs. The hotfix changes the code so that is only checks -in once a day no matter how many times a day you login to your admin. And if it encounters an error with our API,. it assumes the serial is valid, records the error – once, and lets you log in to your admin. We have also made changes and will continue to improve the stability of our API server. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused you, our most supported users, the early adopters of Loaded 7. Here is a coupon “hammered” for 20% off your next purchase. Also any reseller that was effected please contact our sales dept for a free reseller level bump to the next discount level by mentioning this coupon. Which is also proof you read this blog post and go this far. Truly committed folks. You can download the full Loaded 7 release here http://loadedcommerce.com/download You can update your existing release by way of the core updater in your admin Just look for the lil update dude in the right corner when you login in. If you want to manually update a customized installation you can download a special hotfix patch here: We apologize again for the issue and frustration this caused and are here to help if you need anything. Next week we hope to release a big Core update, a Pro update and our first Loaded 7 B2B release.   Happy 4th of july! .
We are working on an issue that is effecting all distributed installations of Loaded 7. The main serialization server and DB for Loaded 7 became corrupted today and all Loaded 7 installations processed an error response that has corrupted their databases. Errors are being rapidly generated by the attempts and can fill up a server and bring it down. delete the file: includes/work/php_errors.log to clear the disk space. we are working to put up hard coded OK response from our end point. UPDATE: The outage issue has been resolved. The API is responding. Loaded 7 sites are operational. We will be changing the way Loaded 7 admin calls in with the next immediate update.

Site Showcase: LOLStore.org

12 June 2014, 4:54 pm
We are happy to present a stock Loaded 7 Pro site. League of Legends Store www.lolstore.org This site utilizes Pro Feature – Skip Shipping on checkout since they sell services. I like how smooth everything works, very easy to use and great support :). compared to the others, their designs aren’t that great and they don’t come with a super control panel. – LOLStore.org
This is the release you have been waiting for. We are proud to announce the release of Loaded 7 Pro 1.1 and Core version 7.002.3 Core release 7.002.2 brought 40 bug fixes, 7.002.3 brings another 47 bug fixes. Major fixes are focused around the upgrader for stores with multiple languages, currencies, lots of options, and order data with options in it.  Also we added support in the importer to generate product permalink data and relationships when the import file was missing this data. The full changelog is here.   Multi SKU Combo Options. Easily Create Options with SKU and inventory tracking. Options can be stand alone or combinations of options. When customers purchase the item – the SKU assigned to the order is based on the combination. The combination selected is checked against the database of combinations. Only valid options are allowed to be ordered. Upgrading to Loaded 7 Pro Upgrading is easy now. The installer comes with a upgrader converter that has been field tested and updated against several complex 6.x databases. Just purchase Loaded 7 Pro. Download and install the Core, and register your Pro serial. Pro features will be enabled instantly upon product registration. Upgrade guides are located in our Support User Guides section here. http://loadedcommerce.com/support/guides/ You can purchase your Pro license here: http://loadedcommerce.com/pricing/pro/ upgrade discounts are available. Both upgrade and full installs come with the upgrader tool.
We are happy to present a stock Loaded 7 Pro site with a customized template. Perfect Vapours. http://www.perfectvapours.com/ The site takes the default core template and personalizes it for this site. It also includes an upcoming feature – Age Restriction.  
Mobile devices are rapidly taking over desktop and laptop usage. A late 2012 report forecasted that more than 4.4 billion people around the world will be having a smartphone in their hands by 2017. That’s a staggering growth of as much as 29% per annum in the count of smartphone users.   If that is the case, you can surely say there will be lots of investment by eCommerce websites to provide an enhanced browsing experience to the smartphone users. DotcomWeavers, a leading web development company in NJ insists all its clients to develop responsive sites. We knows that it’s only a matter of time before the competition picks up and hence encourages everyone to consider ‘going MOBILE’. In fact if you have a website or you run an eStore, here are five reasons why you should equip it with a mobile-optimized version: 1. Google loves websites that are mobile responsive Website responsiveness is such an important factor that it impacts on your ranking within Google’s algorithm. As a matter of fact, Google has been considering page load time since spring of 2010 to rank websites on its search engine directories. Work Coach Café, the famous blog on career coaching and professional advice, saw a 40% increment in traffic following its page-load speed optimization. That’s quite something, if you’re selling products and services online. 2. There are tons of mobile phone users you can score with a responsive site KISSmetrics shared a report earlier which said that nearly 73% of mobile phone users surfing the internet through their handheld devices have encountered problems at least once in the past 12 months loading a website. That is 73% of users that are agitated to press the refresh button. If you have a mobile-responsive website that loads within seconds, you will easily score customers from the competition. Also, 47% of the world’s smartphone users expect a website to load in less than two seconds. A responsive site can be optimized to load in under than a second, according to Google. 3. Mobile-optimized sites receive twice as much traffic as the rest It was estimated that a delay of just one second can cost you a loss of conversions of 7%. Let’s assume a store that has earnings of $100,000 in a day. If the site load time is slowed down by one second, it could lose up to $2.5 million each year. Also, as much as 44% of online buyers will be sharing the story of their terrible online buying experience with their social circles. The consequences are therefore far-reaching. Moreover, Search Engine Watch reported that 30% of the entire traffic on eCommerce stores in 2013 was coming from smartphones and tablets. 4. Mobile traffic is making new records for the first time in history Facebook reported a monthly active user base of 680 million in 2012. That was the first time mobile users exceeded the number of PC users in history. This was a growth of more than 57% since 2011. Moreover, handheld device traffic only accounted for 1% of the entire web traffic in 2009. In 2012, this figure hit 13%, making smartphone users the fastest growing audience browsing the internet. Another astonishing report was produced in 2010 which stated that there has been an increase of 400% in mobile searches. That figure has since then increased. By then end of 2013, as much as 9 out of 10 people using mobile search will purchase or visit a product/service online. 5.  Smartphone users and the future of the internet It is reported that Microsoft’s upcoming Windows will be powered by HTML5 platform, making every device in the world operable by the latest Windows offering. This is a significant move and will provide tough competition to not only computer OS but smartphone OS as well. Webapps are considered the future of the internet. Snapchat and Facebook have already brought an in-app store thus not allowing their traffic to divert. The results are staggering as these in-app stores are mobile-responsive. If your store has a responsive site, there won’t be a need for your audience to reach marketplaces or other online shopping indexes. ‘Mobile is not an option, it is the future, the way forward,’ says co-founder of DotcomWeavers, Amit Bhaiya, ‘the sooner we get on it the better we will leverage.’ About DotcomWeavers: DotcomWeavers is New Jersey web solutions company specializing in eCommerce and custom web applications. With a team of more than 45 talented designers, developers and marketing strategists, the agency aims at bringing forward digital solutions that play a vital role in making online businesses successful. For more information regarding our  services, visit http://www.dotcomweavers.com/.  

Loaded 7.002.2 Released

16 April 2014, 5:09 pm
We are proud to announce the release of 7.002.2. A major bug fix release with some new features. this release contains 50 enhancements. 45 bug fixes 5 improvements. Now merchants can create credit card tokens only if they want to wait to charge a card when an item ships with the new Loaded Payments module.  For merchants with large product databases, it is now very easy to select a product to add to a order with the new Ajax Product Search Selector. You can now customize your CSS in the default template without altering the template files via the Custom CSS tab in the branding manager.  We have updated the default infoboxes to separate the information pages from the product categories. You can which category is the top content category for the infobox.  Now customers with groups and discounts will see those discounts applied to their logged-in view and orders with the updated customer group pricing in core. Here is the change log: 7.002.2 / 16-Apr-2014 ———————————————————- Added features - Loaded Payments Token Only Mode - Admin Ajax Product Search Selector - Branding Manager Custom CSS - Information Pages Box Module - Global Group Pricing Discounts Fixed Bugs #2211 Special Pricing date range malfunctioning. #2267 New orders are not reflected in the revenue snapshot #2459 Best Sellers infoxbox #2496 Admin products listing filter does not key on model or sku #2497 Upgrader handling duplicate product names incorrectly. #2506 Upgrader – Image problem using language other than English. #2510 Product linking issues using French language. #2632 French Language translation showing odd characters. #2633 Coupon manager- Date issue #2714 failed to open stream condition #2717 Admin product listing takes 30 seconds to load each time #2764 admin log in screen to get PRO has incorrect link on new install #2792 Stock Check and Currency change issue. #2807 Language Import (non upgrade) not adding permalinks for new language. #2831 Product Import Creates Duplicate Categories. #2845 Payment Method is not showing in customer email. #2850 Servers that are set to not allow exec for making the full backup zips failing core updates #2853 cannot delete items form shopping cart #2855 Upgrader does not copy over product attributes properly from 6.5 #2866 PayPal Standard – Admin save induces blank list. #2867 QR Code link not working. #2873 Admin Dashboard (Latest Customers) – Error: There was a problem retrieving the data. #2874 SEO enabled – English only works for categories and permalinks do not save #2878 Additional images not displaying properly using Pro. #2882 Product appears for all manufacturers in drop down when assigned to only one. #2894 PayPal Express does not show on checkout (intermittent) #2895 Upgrade images not mapped if not large #2899 7-2-4 upgrader from 6.xx not processing groups properly #2900 Upgrade – Image Process wont stop – work file respawns #2906 Customer group-page spinning. #2907 Paypal Standard not working #2908 paypal express error – invalid address (live) #2921 vqmod missing argument warning in header #2922 Product Save acts as Save and Close #2924 Installing addon concates addon name in URL string. #2925 bad configuration array query classes/store.php #2926 Admin Addons won’t work because Cache always cleared. #2927 jquery.dataTables.css bug – URL to sprites.png reference incorrect #2928 vqmod – Fatal failed to open stream during checkout with addons using hooks #2959 Admin – Configuration – My Store cannot change Country. #3005 RC 1 – vmod fix regresses with encoded version #3016 Issue ID 72 -Coupon Manager-Future Date issue #3032 Weight class rules db entries not populated You can download it here /download/ For existing stores you will be prompted for the update once you log in to your admin.  If you miss the update, go to settings -> System Tools -> Core Update to apply it.
Goal: Allow management of recurring service subscriptions. Create and configure products with recurring meta data that generate subscription records that hold invoicing data. Generate invoices on a daily cron that run against live payment modules with card tokens. Components: There are several components that make up the recurring system: Recurring Settings Product Recurring Options Type Shopping Cart enhancements Checkout Process Logic (flow diagram) Orders (with subscriptions) Subscriptions Cancel Requests List My Account – My Subscription My Account – Request Cancellation Recurring System also requires the following dependencies Cron system be created to hook into for the nightly recurring charges to be Invoices with Terms Card on File (tokenized card data) Payment modules with token only and direct token auth support Subscription service modules to handle automated events Checkout Process Concepts Products are setup with recurring options Checkout is configured with Recurring Enable Payment modules Checkout process detects recurring options and generates A Subscription An Invoice (if not not a free trial) A Card on file (if not a free trial) Subscriptions have sufficient information to generate recurring fees in the future products and price that comprise the recurring fee interval settings that control the invoice generation status subscription module relationship to trigger automated events   System Specification Recurring Intervals Intervals are set in the DB and provide specific logic for the cron for triggering new invoices on a subscription. Interval ID is set as pricing options on a product. It is passed to the subscription that is generated on checkout process. It is used on invoice generation to create set the due date and also the “create next” date. Intervals can be set to inactive, this will only suppress their selection on product and subscription edit. Status wil not effect any subscription and invoices using those intervals. Recurring Type Anniversary each subscription is set to recurring on the date ordered. if day is 29 – 31 then it will recur on last day of the month need special logic on the cron event to pick up last day of the month events Pro Rate all recurring subscriptions will recur on the same date an initial prorated invoice will be generated from the originating order set the day of the month for recurring (cannot be higher than 28th day) Checkout and Payment Handling A full priced order will be generated – but the payment will not be based on the amount of the order an invoice will be created (requires invoices and terms logic in place) the initial invoice will prorated or full price based on the recurring settings the balance of the initial invoice will have a payment processed against it immediately based on the card data tokenized during checkout Setting Up Products Products are set to Recurring as a Inventory Control Type The intervals are the variants of the product. The Product Option Page will have Recurring Inventory type added. Once enabled the options area will display: Subscription Recurring Options Subscription Initial Fees Subscription Free Trial Subscription Modules Subscription Recurring Options Columns Sort Interval Name Initial Price Recurring Price Limit Actions Interval is selection of active intervals derived from the recurring settings Has a Non Recurring option as well this allows a presentation of a non recurring option to be presented on the product page non recurring products create subscription with no recurring date Name is displayed as the option on the product page Initial Price Is the fee charged on the initial invoice Recurring Price Is the fee recorded on the subscription and passed to future invoices Limit Is the number of times to generate recurring invoices – 0 is unlimited Actions Status toggle (hides recurring option from product page) Edit full product can be used to set QTY, SKU, group pricing, access levels etc. Delete Subscription Setup Fees Columns: Interval Name Base Setup Fee Interval is selected from the created recurring options above display the NAME not the interval as the selection Name the setup fee Base Price this is the fee that is charged only on the initial invoice also shown on the order Actions Delete Subscription Free Trial Enable Yes or no Set intervals free trial is assigned to Pick an interval – list all recurring options intervals for the product All Recurring – is all option that recurr – excluding non recurring options All Options Subscription Module Assign an available module to the product these will be specified in another spec they have event hooks Subscription Generation Subscription Product ID, Meta Data Subscription Status Change Product Recurring Interval Ordered – meta data Module Actions Create Suspend Unsuspend Terminate Shopping Cart Enhancements Setup fees Setup fees are added as separate line items they cannot removed or have their own quantity the are tied to the recurring product in the cart and their qty Order total presentation Prorate Discount Due Today Free Trials appear as a discount Recurring Fee Presentation List the interval and the recurring price State the date the recurring fee will be generated If mixed recurring intervals exist  - repeat the recurring fee presentation for each interval Orders with Subscriptions relationships At the bottom of the order page under the order totals list the subscriptions generated from this order with links to view the subscriptions in the admin Subscriptions Listing Need a admin section under Orders for listing and finding subscriptions   Listing Columns: Sub Number Customer Name Interval Items Invoices Shows the number of invoices generated by the subscription Clicking the number (Tag) takes you to the invoices list for that subscription Started Next Status Trial – Blue Active – Green Grace – Orange Suspended – Red Terminated – Dark Grey Actions Edit Delete Subscription Detail View     Tabs Summary Products Allows editing of the products in the subscription based on order product edit Customer allows for changing the customer on the subscription Invoices is a list of invoices with links to the invoices Card on File allows for setting a card on file from a list of cards for the customer allows for setting a new card on file via a iframe window with the payment module Summary: Top area has Customer displays information about the customer Payment shows the last four of the card on file Information links to the originating order shows the create date for the subscription shows the number of invoices – links to the invoice tab on the subscription Scheduling Allows for changing the interval shows the renew date – with edit (date picker with save modal) Shows countdown in days for next invoice Action Area (dark row) Indicator tags for order/payment validity Billing - SLA – Future use not at this time Cancel Request Subscription Status Selector Module Event buttons Only active if a subscription module is associated with the subscription and the module has functions defined for each button each button executes the function defined in the module as well as updates the status where defined below Create Suspend – sets the status to suspended Unsuspend – sets the status to active Terminate – sets the status to terminated Lower area Products Lists products with price and sub totals Subscription Module list the subscription module assigned based on the subscription modules assigned to the products that are related to the subscription Cancellation Request List Subscriptions Cancellations A cancellation request can either be executed or withdrawn. The admin or customer can set the request to withdraw Only the admin can set the request to execute. Executing sets the subscription to terminated and runs the subscription modules terminate functions A request for the same subscription can exist more than once in the list.  Executing one will execute them all for the same subscription. Rules apply on the catalog side that limit when a customer can request more than once. Filters: Show Withdrawn CheckBox Show Executed CheckBox Default is unchecked and we only show Requested in the list onload Columns: Sub Num Customer Name show icon only if a note was submitted by the customer Product/Amount Displays the name of the product in the subscription and the amount of the subscription Contact Opens a modal showing Customer Name Phone Email Email is a button to load the email a customer tool in the marketing section with the customer id passed to it Interval Next State Actions View (show view only if there is a note submitted by the customer) view open a modal to view not submitted display – product name, customer name, note Withdraw Active only if state is “requested” Execute Active only if state is “requested” or “withdrawn” Delete
We are proud to announce that our good friends at Template Monster, the largest template site in the world, has released their first Loaded 7 mobile responsive themes. You can see them here http://www.templatemonster.com/loaded7-templates.php You can read their review of the Loaded 7 application here: Loaded7. The New Era of eCommerce Templates    

Loaded 7 CORE Released

18 March 2014, 10:35 pm
We have been working hard to clear out issues as stores have been going live with Loaded 7 Core and Pro. Today we proudly release a maintenance release dealing with the importer, and multi-currency issues. I hope you all enjoy the new Clear Cache button on the cache management page from the 1.3 release as much as I do. Version – released 18-March-2014 [B2809] Repaired import can fail without error message. [B2810] Repaired cart showing $1 for any product price > $1000. [B2813] Repaired switch to GBP default currency cannot add to cart. [B2820] Repaired admin currency symbols not showing/saving properly. [B2825] Repaired GBP/Euro incorrect default symbols. [B2826] Repaired unable to select previous currency as default without page refresh. [B2834] Repaired cart showing different subtotal for product price > $1000. Version – released 11-March-2014 [D2587] Added clear all cache button in admin. [D2709] Added version id and support links to login page. [B2295] Updated QR code image logic and added cleanup. [B2720] Repaired product description is incorrectly required on edit. [B2742] Repaired catalog product no tax added in total. [B2758] Repaired categories hang when there are a large number of products. [B2634] Repaired canner manager URL link issue. [B2628] Repaired CKeditor embed causes run away JS error. [B2743] Repaired catalog order total wrong in cart. [B2752] Repaired product-listing rows uneven. [B2751] Repaired upgrader customer passwords are null in loaded7 database. [B2756] Repaired content category pages save issue. [B2791] Repaired currency symbols GBP and Euro have bad chars. [B2790] Repaired product edit catalog showing two copies. [B2799] Repaired Manufacturer blank page. [B2800] Repaired customer Groups blank page. Version – released 05-March-2014 [D2651] Update Boostrap core to latest 3.1.1. [B2266] Repaired search shortcut key not working outside of dashboard page. [B2279] Repaired admin coupon related issues. [B2346] Repaired import/export options to product export data file has incorrect information. [B2420] Repaired banner manager edit existing banner image unable to see changes. [B2494] Repaired product special date issue. [B2508] Repaired character set problems with French language pack. [B2512] Repaired French language pack view cart and total is not translating correctly. [B2556] Repaired template modules; edit template module blank issue. [B2585] Repaired no vqmod hooks on checkout. [B2638] Repaired missing vqmod wrapper in includes/classes/template.php. [B2671] Repaired import opening and saving with Excel truncates the time. [B2719] Repaired admin products listing needs to be set to server side processing. [B2725] Repaired product permalink issue. The complete change log can be found here: http://loadedcommerce.github.io/loaded7/