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Magento 2. How to manage Camera slider

The following tutorial will show you how to manage Camera slider in Magento 2.

  1. Open site admin panel and navigate to Content > Blocks > slider > Edit (the name of the slider block might differ).


  2. You will see the slider code in the Content section:


    The section, highlighted in red, defines the slider image source and the green is text. Note, that you should edit only the text between HTML tags to keep the layout unchanged.

  3. To change the image:

    1. click on Insert Image;

    2. either select the existing image or upload a new one and select it;

    3. click on Insert File;


    4. copy the image name only and change it in the appropriate slide reference (the inserted code should be removed)


      so it looks like this:


  4. Click on Save Block and refresh your site to see the changes.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Magento 2. How to manage Camera slider