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Magento. How to create and manage Terms and Conditions page

This tutorial will show you how to create and manage Terms&Conditions page in Magento store.

Magento. How to create and manage Terms&Conditions page

If there are terms and conditions for your store, customers should be aware of them. It is possible to create a regular CMS page with them under CMS -> Pages -> Add New. Required content can be placed there. Don’t hesitate to check our online guide on adding new page in Magento.

Usually ‘Terms and conditions’ page is used during checkout. Customers should accept them to place an order in the store. They can be created via Magento Dashboard using the following instruction:

  1. Navigate to Sales -> Terms and conditions -> Add New Condition. First let’s create terms and conditions text itself with this option:


  2. You should get the form to fill in. It consists of a few areas to edit:


    • Condition name – type the title for the present terms&conditions.
    • Status – if you want these terms&conditions to be visible in the site, select Enabled status. By default it is set up to Disabled.
    • Show Content As – select whether you are going to input content as plain text or using extra styling via HTML tags. If you are not familiar with HTML, it is better to use TEXT option.
    • Store View – that is a list of stores you’ve already created. This option allows creating terms&conditions for the specific store view only or for a few of them at once.
    • Checkbox Text – a checkbox will be displayed in the checkout page. This tab allows specifying title for this box. You can choose any. It is not necessary to have the same name as the condition name from the first tab.
    • Content – input the actual text for the terms and conditions to accept while checkout.
    • Content Height – specify the height of the text area (in pixels) to show up for terms&conditions text in the checkout page.

    Click ‘Save condition‘ button on top to update changes performed. New condition will be created.

  3. Next, attach created condition to the actual checkout page. Navigate to System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Checkout:


  4. Open ‘Checkout Options’ in the list and find ‘Enable Terms and Conditions’ tab. Select ‘Yes’ for it.

    Click ‘Save config’ button on top to update changes:


Note: you might need to re-index data and clear cache to view the changes.

Go back to the site and proceed with checkout steps to see the result. Terms and Conditions tab is now enabled and active in the site.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Magento. How to create and manage Terms&Conditions page